Workplace Bullying: The Kevin Morrissey Story - When Work Equals Life

This week is Freedom from Workplace Bullies as sponsored by the Workplace Bullying Institute. Join me on Blog Talk Radio for "The Kevin Morrissey Story: When Work Equals Life" on Tuesday, 10/19

I had the opportunity to interview Maria Morrissey about workplace bullying and the role it played in her brother’s suicide. Kevin Morrissey was a 52 year old Managing Editor of the Virginia Quarterly Review, an
award-winning literary journal at the University of Virginia since 2003. On July
30, 2010 shortly after 11:00 a.m., Kevin Morrissey took his own life at the coal
tower. He left his apartment, walked down Water Street and called the police to
report a shooting at the coal tower, a shooting that actually came shortly
thereafter. Maria along with Dr. Esque Walker (who has been on the show before
on the topic of workplace bullying) talks about the impact his supervisor's
bullying behavior had on Kevin and the impact to Kevin's co-workers and family.

This show has been pre-recorded so no live caller questions will be entertained. Please leave any comments or questions on The Texas Conflict Coach
blog talk radio show page, Facebook page or Twitter me at txconflictcoach. Thank
you. Pattie Porter

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