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Welcome to the ACR Crisis Negotiation Section. This section provides cutting-edge information in the crisis negotiation field as well as a network for professionals, academics, practitioners, and students. 

The section helps members develop advanced skills in de-escalating high conflict interactions through sharing news, articles, events, training opportunities, and webinars. Members are able to engage with their peers as well as with experts in education, law enforcement, the private sector, and government to exchange and learn from their diverse insights  and opportunities.

Benefits of joining the section:

Experts: Learn from practicing crisis and hostage negotiators as well as leading academic researchers.

Events: Attend webinars and other events that share skills and the latest tactics used by crisis and hostage negotiators while learning how to apply it to the work you do.  Can't make the webinars? Don't worry, archives will be available too.

Connect: Engage with your conflict resolution peers who are interested in crisis and conflict resolution from across the country and beyond.

If you are a member or ACR and want to join the section click [here].  

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What is Crisis Negotiation?

A crisis is when a person experiences a difficulty that overwhelms, or threatens to overwhelm, their ability to cope with the situation.  Crisis negotiation therefore is the process where a negotiator engages the person in crisis by utilizing conflict resolution and communication skills with the aim to work collaboratively to resolve the incident peacefully.

"Moreover, the psychological principles and practices of hostage negotiation may be productively applied to the resolution of interpersonal crises of almost every type, from school and workplace violence, to crime victim trauma and domestic violence, to terrorism and political crises."

- Laurence Miller, Ph.D.,

Crisis & Hostage Negotiation Researcher/Author 


I thought it was called Hostage Negotiation?

Some law enforcement units still use the "hostage" term including the first-ever unit created- the NYPD's Hostage Negotiation Team (HNT).  Others, such as the FBI's Crisis Negotiation Unit (CNU) do not.

What is a hostage?

A hostage is a person being held involuntarily for the purpose of being used by the hostage-taker to be traded for something they are seeking.  If this is not the case, the person being held is called a "victim".





Webinar: Social Media & Hostage / Crisis Negotiation

ACR Crisis Negotiation Section co-chair Jeff Thompson, along with Lt. Mark Lowther, presented "Social Media & Hostage / Crisis Negotiation" at the annual Cyberweek conference.  Cyberweek is  a week-long series of webinars, discussion forums, radio shows, twitter chats, and more all concerning conflict resolution and technology.

The webinar shares information on the impact of social media during crisis and hostage negotiations.  The presentation includes research, real life examples (including Lt. Lowther's), future considerations, and concludes with a discussion/questions from the audience.

Enjoy watching below and join the discussion [HERE].

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