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Have a complimentary look at our monthly "Crisis Negotiation Update."  This goes out each month to all members of the section.  Want to received this and get all the other benefits of being a member?  Join and click the link below.

September | 2013 | Join ACR & the Crisis Negotiation Section HERE

Welcome To The Association for Conflict Resolution Crisis Negotiation Section

We would like to welcome everyone to the newly revamped ACR Crisis Negotiation Section. The first new aspect of the section you will probably notice is the name change. The section recently changed its name from the "Crisis Intervention Section" to the "Crisis Negotiation Section" to reflect its expanded goals and intentions: 

To provide cutting-edge information in the crisis negotiation field as well as a network for professionals, academics, practitioners, and students, and to help members develop advanced skills in de-escalating high conflict interactions by sharing news, articles, events, training opportunities, and webinars. Members will be able to engage with their peers as well as with experts in education, law enforcement, the private sector, and government to exchange and learn from their diverse insights and opportunities.

We also have many ideas that we are excited to implement, including a webinar series free to all section members and a newly designed website. Are you interested in being part of the planning? We are interested in section members being part of the Crisis Negotiation Section Advisory Council where you can take an active role in the direction of the section. Don't worry, it does not require a substantial amount of time; however you can still make a substantial contribution to the section.

Finally, we would like to point out the concept behind the new format of our monthly message. We plan to offer this "update" to all section members that is both informative while also providing it to you in manner that is not time-consuming.

From that perspective, each update will include no more than 10 items that will consist of the co-chair message, events, news, and articles. As you will see below, each is offered in snippets, allowing you to click the link if you want to read (or view) more.
We thank you for being part of the section and hope you are as excited as we are about moving forward in a collaborative and positive direction.

Thank you,

Lynne Kinnucan and Jeff Thompson


ACR National Conference

Are you going to the conference? Let us know and in the October update, we can let everyone know what other members of the section are attending. 

Also, section co-chair Jeff Thompson will be presenting on Effective Mediators & Nonverbal Communication [read about it here], Wednesday, October, 9, 2-3pm. 

The conference is October 9-11 in Minneapolis, MN. 

Learn more about the conference by visiting [here]. 

Journalist recalls her kidnapping, torture, rape; yet forgives Jihadist captors

Canadian freelance journalist Amanda Lindhout has written a book about her traumatic 15 months in captivity, and the torture she endured at the hands of a gang of Muslim teenagers in Somalia in 2008.

Read more and see a video [here].

Hostage & Crisis Negotiators: Nonverbal Communication Basics

Learn the skills used by these expert negotiators and how it can help you.
Nonverbal communication plays an important role during hostage and crisis situations involving law enforcement personnel.  Nonverbal communication is not limited to solely “body language” but rather includes a variety of other elements.  To raise awareness of the numerous nonverbal communication elements that are possibly present during an interaction, I created the METTA acronym...
Read the full article [here]. 
Forty years ago, the term Stockholm Syndrome was coined at the end of a six-day bank siege. What is it and why is it cited time and again in hostage situations?
Read more [here]. 
Israel's two primary hostage rescue units are the Israel Police's Specialist Counterterrorism Unit, Yamam, and Sayeret Matkal – the elite reconnaissance and special operations unit of the IDF Intelligence Directorate. Other units such as the IDF Naval Commandos, the IAF 669th Airborne Rescue and Evacuation Unit, the IAF special operations unit Shaldag, et al, also possess counterterrorism capabilities. All of these units practice breaking into aircraft, buses and schools, as well as a recent addition: a scenario of a passenger train hijacked by terrorists and rescued in a night takeover operation. 
Read more [here]. 

Have an article, event, or message relate to the ACR Crisis Negotiation Section? Send it to Lynne at Kinnucan [at] and Jeff at mediator .jeff [at]

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