The 2010-2011 CRE Teacher's Calendar is a collaborative non-profit project developed by associates of the Conflict Resolution Education in Teacher Education (CRETE) initiative and the Association for Conflict Resolution (ACR). The working partners on the calendar include three key groups, CRETE's, ACR’s Education Section and ACR’s Conflict Resolution Day Committee. I served as the coordinator and editor for the calendar.

The full-color 28-page (11x8.5 inch) calendar covers the school year, running from August 2010 through June 2011. Each month includes a full page of instructions for learning activities and educator tips to promote conflict resolution in schools. The calendar's date grid highlights significant holidays, conflict resolution events and peacemaker birthdays. The freely available pdf and web versions (great for use on a smartboard!) include hotlinks to reference materials, more information on calendar days and links to learning modules and relevant movie clips. ( Online version viewable at )

The goal is to get the calendar into as many schools as possible and in particular into the hands of pre-service and classroom teachers and the staff of school-based peer mediation, restorative justice, social emotional learning and anti-bullying programs. To this end we have set aside a portion of the printed calendars that we will make available at no charge. These can be ordered online as "No-cost Single Calendars" (limit one per person) or as a "No-cost School or Youth Group Calendar 5-pack" that must be mailed to a school or youth-serving organization in order to qualify for free postage and handling.

Individuals who can afford to pay are encouraged to select our other ordering options that charge a small fee to cover printing, shipping and handling. The money collected via this option (known as the "I Helped Spread the CREd" version) will be funnelled back into the project making more no-cost copies available for others. "Sponsored Single Calendar" copies are available for $5 while the "Sponsored CR in Education Calendar 5-pack" costs $15. People who would like to "gift" a school or teacher in your area are encouraged to order a sponsored calendar and have it mailed directly to your gift recipient. (Note: If you can make good use of a larger group of calendars, please email Bill Warters and explain your proposed use and suggested number of desired calendars and we will discuss options with you directly.) You can also look for Sharon Press, Bill Warters or Lisa Hershman at the Chicago ACR conference to discuss getting more involved with the project.

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