A Practical Approach to Online Mediation, the Way Forward in Europe


Online Dispute Resolution is the future. With rising costs of litigation, ordinary citizens often feel that justice is beyond their reach. How have we as mediators responded to a crisis that may have put the justice system beyond the reach of the common man? With technology aiding us in our daily lives as mediators (Purist or a Modernist) we must take a practical approach towards solving disputes. Using a state of the art mediation tool 'Mediateitonline', let us take a pragmatic approach as to how disputes can be resolved from the comfort of your own place, in a secure environment with only an internet connection! Europe has often been the hotbed of mediation activism, what could be its future ? Join us and let's go on a journey that will change the way disputes are being resolved in the world.

Presenter Bios:

Aditya Shivkumar is a Co-Founder of Mediateitonline, a state of the art ODR Platform providing a holistic solution to Organizations, Court Services, Corporate Houses, Law Firms and Independent Mediators. In addition to his responsibility as an entrepreneur Aditya is a litigator based out of the Madras High Court, India. He specializes in Sports Law.

Joe Al-Khayat is the Co-Founder of mediateitonline (www.mediateitonline.com) which provides online mediation technology for organizations worldwide. Joe is a barrister and mediator who has mediated and litigated thousands of cases ranging from small claims matters in the county courts to high value cases in the Royal Courts of Justice.


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