A Workshop on Collaborative Communication: An Applied Framework for Empathy-Based Peacebuilding

A Workshop on Collaborative Communication: An Applied Framework for Empathy-Based Peacebuilding


Dates: October 8-9, 2011
Location: Adelphi University, Manhattan Center (New York, NY)
Conducted by:  National Peace Academy
Course Instructors: Tarek F. Maassarani
Course fees: $300
NPA Certificate Points:  2 certificate points
CEUs: 1.4 CEUs 
Spheres of Peace:  This workshop meets the requirements for the Personal and Social spheres. 


In the heat of conflict, how can you deal with seemingly contradictory claims of truth?  What about expressions of rage and the destructive impulses that might accompany it?  How can you move past the blocks to deep listening and open communication?  What to do with the enemy images parties so tenaciously hold of each other?  Collaborative communication is a model for clear communication, authentic human connection, and empathic understanding that has supported effective conflict resolution in a wide variety of international and domestic contexts.  This course will offer these skills and perspectives to empower participants to understand and engage constructively with these bewildering dynamics.  The course will use a wide variety of interactive activities and self-reflective exercises to bring the model to life and support deep experiential learning.




This course is part of the National Peace Academy’s National Peacebuilding Peacelearning Certi..., a program designed to make learning for peace accessible, available and affordable for all. The program allows participants to pursue an individualized course of study that will help them achieve depth in knowledge and skills they need to achieve their personal and professional goals and interests in peacebuilding and peace education. 




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