September 2011 Webinar: Religious Diversity- Did You Know?

Religious Diversity: Did You Know?

Join for a special webinar on religous diversity and information that applies specifically to mediators and other conflict resolution specialists.  With the 10th anniversary of 9/11 being only three days after the webinar, the event holds special meaning on raising religious awareness and knowledge, especially as each of the four panelist are based in New York City.
The four panelists will speak from their perspective of their particular faith including the  Buddhist, Hindu, Muslim and Sikh faiths giving conflict resolution professionals and practitioners important knowledge that applies directly to their work.  This includes: information on core beliefs, clothing, physical contact and more.
The panelists include:
Benkong Shi (Grace Gratitude Temple)
Arvind Kohli (United Skihs)
Anindita Bhaumik (Hindu Society of North America, NYPD Clergy Liaison)
Sarah Syeed (Interfaith Center of New York)
Join us on
Thursday, September 8th, 6pm est.
FREE but spots limited

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The archive of this webinar is now available for viewing. You simply click on the video player above and it will begin streaming. Please feel free to continue the dialogue by posting questions and comments in this discussion forum. Enjoy! Bryan


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