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Regulation Room is designed and operated by the Cornell eRulemaking Initiative (CeRI) and hosted by the Legal Information Institute (LII). The site is a pilot project that provides an online environment for people and groups to learn about, discuss, and react to selected rules(regulations) proposed by federal agencies. It expands the types of public input available to agencies in the rulemaking process, while serving as a teaching and research platform.

CeRI is a multidisciplinary group of faculty and students, based at Cornell University. We work with federal agencies to discover the best ways to use Web 2.0 and other technologies to improve public understanding of, and participation in, rulemaking. LII, based at Cornell Law School, has been providing legal information at no charge to the public since 1992, and is the most linked-to web resource in the field of law.


More about the Regulation Room can be found at:


Information regarding how rulemaking works in the Regulation Room works can be found at:


The homepage for the Regulation Room, including a demonstration video and rules being discussed, can be found at:


About the Program:

The Cornell e-Rulemaking Initiative brings together faculty and students from Computing and Information Science, Law, and the Scheinman Institute on Conflict Resolution. Working with the legal informatics professionals at LII, we consult with government agencies on, and engage in theoretical and applied research about, the technology and practice of e-rulemaking and related areas of e-government.

Have questions? Please feel free to email us or call us at (607) 255-8783.





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This is really cool!  This is like a modern, updated version of RuleNet (check out the attached chapter on that project)

You should update the wikipedia page to include info on your CFPB mortgage process:

There are also cool synergies between this platform and Larry Schooler's discussion forum taking place as part of Cyberweek.

Thanks so much for sharing -- traditionally multiparty tools like this haven't been considered ODR, but I think they are DEFINITELY ODR... and in many respects, the best kind of example of how much value technology can bring to complex disputes.  Well done.




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