The European Commission wants member states to introduce online alternative dispute resolution (ADR) schemes consumers can use when in dispute with traders.

The Commission is concerned about an absence of ADR schemes in some market sectors. It also said the lack of information available to both traders and consumers about ADR schemes needed to be addressed.

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Cool find. I have to say, this is a pretty cool idea; but I'm not quite sure how well it would work. What is your thoughts on this?

I think customer satisfaction is key to success in any marketplace; therefore, this is a good start. It will probably take awhile for it to be used effectively. At first, people probably won't realize it's available. And then, you might have those people who abuse it and pursue every (small?) complaint expecting some grandiose solution. But it can be a good resource for those who realize how to use it effectively.


Another interesting aspect is how they are emphasizing the free/low cost option of ADR. I wonder if that low cost availability will be maintained past the "introductory" years? Once they see how many people can use it, I wonder if they will see it as another money-making possibility. 


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