Live Demonstration: Equal Foot - Thursday, November 1st @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/6pm GMT

Equal Foot Online Dispute Resolution by the American Arbitration Association

Presented by Linda Beyea and Albert Orosa




Linda Beyea, Vice President of the American Arbitration Association (AAA), will present a webinar on the online dispute resolution offerings of an exciting new web-based contract creation and contract management platform called Equal Foot.


Equal Foot is a startup technology firm that has developed an online platform to meet the needs of contracting parties to negotiate, execute, manage and enforce their contracts.  The types of contracts that can be created on Equal Foot include:

  • Construction
  • Home Improvement
  • Website Development
  • Software Development
  • Sale of Goods
  • Import and Export
  • and many more


To use the Equal Foot platform, parties to a contract agree to resolve any disputes using an alternative dispute resolution process offered by and through Equal Foot.  AAA is the exclusive provider of the mediation and arbitration services offered, which include online mediation in a chat room environment and documents-only arbitration on AAA’s Webfile platform. 


The webinar will walk viewers through the online processes featuring several screenshots of what customers will see and experience.  Be among the first to learn about Equal Foot and AAA's online dispute resolution services!



Presenter Bios:


LINDA L. BEYEA is the Vice President of the Construction Division for the Atlanta regional office of the American Arbitration Association. She joined the Association in 2001 as a Case Manager administering commercial and construction cases in AAA's Northeast Case Management Center. She relocated to Atlanta in 2005 to become Assistant Vice President overseeing operations of the Southeast Case Management Center. Prior to joining AAA, Ms. Beyea worked in the public schools of Rhode Island and in human services. She has an MBA from the University of Georgia.




is a Vice President for the Commercial Division of the American Arbitration Association (AAA). In this capacity he oversees the activities and operations of the AAA’s Miami Regional office and the coordination, development and delivery of the complete range of dispute resolution services offered by the American Arbitration Association. He is also the AAA’s lead executive responsible for managing all client relations, business development and client retention, and directs the recruitment, training, diversity and expertise of a select roster of neutrals in a territory encompassing Florida, Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands. 


He serves on several committees of the Florida Bar in an affiliate capacity. Mr. Orosa dedicates a substantial amount of time organizing, collaborating on and facilitating alternative dispute resolution education. He has assisted on and served as facilitator in numerous arbitration and mediation courses offered by the AAA, ICDR and other organizations; Delivered numerous presentations and lectures to law firms, corporations, professional trade organizations and industry conferences, including experience with giving presentations in Spanish and frequently advises on the development, implementation, management and effective use of Alternative Dispute Resolution programs.  Mr. Orosa is often quoted in articles as an expert on international and domestic arbitration and has lectured extensively on the subject.


Immediately prior to joining the American Arbitration Association, Mr. Orosa spent several years in the public sector as an Executive Director of a federally funded social services agency and the Vice Consul (Commercial) and Senior Trade Officer for Florida and the Caribbean in the British Governments’ Consulate General in Miami.  Mr. Orosa has an extensive background in international business development and operational management experience in the U. S., Latin America and Europe.   In addition to extensive management training, Mr. Orosa holds a Baccalaureate in Political Science and a Master’s in Business Administration from Florida International University.





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You will access this live webinar by following this link: 


*Please log in at least 15 minutes prior if this is the first time you are accessing one of our sessions due to the configuration process that takes place*

Here are some tips to ensure you are present and can participate in the presentation:

· When prompted select participant login and enter a desired name. You do not need a password.

· If you have troubles with the link in this email, please cut and paste it into a new browser.

· I know there were issues with the latest version of Firefox, therefore, you may want to try a different browser if issues arise.

· Test the link prior to logging on for the session.  The first time takes a few minutes for the page to load. There is a configuration wizard prior to your first time using this software. Please test the link and enter the room any time prior to the event. The room will be open.

· If you do not have a headset or speaker for your computer, you may also dial in from a phone. Below is the Information to do so.


Phone Access:

Dial in number: (571) 392-7604
Phone PIN: 66773552

***MAC Users***

The recent Apple security update removed an older Java plug-in and Java Preferences but you can still download Java for Mac OS X here, and you'll be getting the latest version:

It is not Apple's version but it is Oracle's.  It will place the Java Preferences in your System Preferences > Other pane.

Hi everyone,

In anticipation of our Equal Foot webinar on Thursday afternoon, I thought I would get everyone thinking about contract creation and contract management "in the cloud."

With the growth of cloud computing and increased delivery of software as a service (SaaS), new online platforms are being developed for creating and managing contracts.  Equal Foot is one of the newest.  The founders of Equal Foot recognize the value of ADR and the particular economic benefit of ODR and incorporated it as a requirement in their contracting tool.

Do you think online contract creation/management will be the wave of the future?  Are you familiar with any such platforms?  Will this trend contribute to the growth of ODR?

Hello all, the AAA Equal Foot demonstration was archived and is available for viewing by clicking play on the player above. Feel free to watch is much as you would like. You may also provide any comments or questions to the forum on this page to continue the dialogue. Enjoy!

Linda did a fantastic job of presenting the / American Arbitration Association partnership.  As she noted, we are very strong advocates for ADR and consider it a critical link in the contract life cycle chain.  Without the ability to resolve disputes quickly, contract performance is stopped.  It's a critical component for parties to be on equal footing. makes resolving disputes through ADR an obligation of the contracting parties such that when a party initiates a dispute, an expedited, economical and efficient process begins. Most arbitration will be done completely online with a unique basis for charging based on the number of pages submitted by each party.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me at and we welcome you to visit and try our service.


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