Live Demonstration: Peacetones - Friday, November 2nd @ 2pm Eastern/1pm Central/6pm GMT

Conflict Prevention Through Music - PeaceTones' Proposed Project for Kenya

Presented by Ruha Devanesan


The Internet Bar Organization's PeaceTones Initiative runs programs in peri-conflict and post-disaster communities to empower musicians so that they can, in turn, empower their communities.  Our next proposed project, PeaceTones Kenya, aims to bring together musicians from the slums in and around Nairobi, Kenya, to run a series of peace concerts around the city. 

In this webinar, Ruha Devanesan, Executive Director of IBO, will discuss the necessity of 'soft' conflict resolution and prevention tools such as music, education and economic development, and how the dissemination of these tools in fragile communities can lead to conflict prevention and aid conflict resolution should conflict nonetheless arise.

Here are two videos I encourage you to view prior to the webinar.

This is a general introduction to Peacetones:



This is an interview with one of the Kenyan musicians:



The Archived Webinar:



Conflict Prevention Through Music - PeaceTones' Proposed Project fo... from The Werner Institute on Vimeo.



Presenter Bio:

Ruha Devanesan is Vice President and Executive Director of the Internet Bar Organization. In her capacity as Executive Director, she has led the design and implementation of several social justice initiatives, of which PeaceTones is one. The PeaceTones Initiative helps talented, unknown artists from developing nations build their careers while giving back to their communities. Through PeaceTones, we're looking to rework the traditional record label into something more fair to the artist, while teaching musicians the skills they need to succeed as social entrepreneurs of their own making and to become mentors and role models for justice and peace in their communities.  Ms. Devanesan has a J.D. and Masters in International Relations from Boston University and is currently a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society, where she is researching innovating income models for developing world musicians.



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To learn more about the Kenyan elections context I will be addressing, watch these videos from Al Jazeera:

Hello All, the archive for the Peacetones presentation is now available. It is located in the forum page above. Please feel free to share your thoughts, ask questions, or provide any additional resources in this forum. Enjoy!


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