Live Webinar: How to Introduce ODR in Emerging Countries - Wednesday, October 26 @ 1pm EST/10am PST/5pm GMT

How to Introduce ODR in Emerging Countries


Alberto presentation will describe his experience introducing & teaching  ODR in emerging countries from  ODR to e-ADR "the ODR Latinoamerica social network experience" from 2006 up today!


This session has taken place and you can access the archive here:

Presented By:


Alberto Elisavetsky is the Director of the Social Conflict Observatory Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Buenos Aires Argentina.  He is a Certified Public Accountant, Integration Technology Consultant, and eLearning Specialist.  He serves as CEO of  synchronous event platforms in operations and distance learning.  He is also Coordinator of the Proyecto Distance ODR praxis trainnig Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Buenos Aires Argentina.


He is the creator of the first Spanish blog related to ODR, & the biggest Spanish ODR social network ( 2.300 members ). He also serves as Professor Universidad Nacional de Tres de Febrero Buenos Aires Argentina Mediation and Conflict Resolution, as well as Professor Master in Conflict Resolution Universidad Nacional de Lomas de Zamora Buenos Aires Argentina and Professor in Negotiation & System Design for Conflict Resolution  Posgraduate program Universidad de Concepción del Uruguay Entre Ríos Argentina, and Universidad de la Policia Federal Buenos Aires Argentina.


Academic President e-ADR 2011 & 2012  Distance Congress in Spanish regrading Alternative Resolution Methods


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Thanks for the great presentation today, Alberto!  I thoroughly enjoyed it.  It looks like you've got some great things in the works.  Best of luck to you! 
Alberto's presentation from this afternoon is now available for viewing in its archived form. Please click on the link above to watch the archive. You may continue the conversation by posting comments and questions in the reply box on this page. Enjoy!


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