Live Webinar: How Smartsettle Infinity uncovers Hidden Value - Thursday, October 27 @ 1pm EST/10am PST/5pm GMT

How Smartsettle Infinity uncovers Hidden Value


Complex negotiations have two important objectives; fairness and efficiency. To understand this better, we recommend that you prepare for this webinar by first watching the "Orange Quarrel" video (9 minutes on YouTube). 


In this presentation, Dr. Ernest Thiessen will first explain how Smartsettle Infinity uses Visual Blind Bidding to help negotiators achieve the fairness objective and then applies optimization with an algorithm called "maximize the minimum gain" to make sure that there is no value left on the table. The presentation will be concluded with a demonstration of Infinity showing a simulation of a negotiation between Jenny and Joey who are fighting over a single orange. After seeing how Infinity could be used to solve this very simple problem, you will be able to imagine how this powerful eNegotiation system is able to produce tremendous benefits through time savings and uncovered value in any complex negotiation with any number of quantitative or qualitative issues between any number of decision makers. 


Presented by:

Dr. Ernest Thiessen is the Founder and President of Smartsettle (iCan Systems Inc). He has led iCan’s development team since 1993 in to create the world’s first comprehensive  online negotiation system. The Smartsettle eNegotiation system is based on research that Thiessen directed at Cornell University, where he received a PhD in Civil Engineering with a specialty in Water Resources Systems Planning and Analysis. Thiessen also directs the International eNegotiation Exhibition and was a lecturer in 2010 for UNESCO-IHE’s Negotiation and Mediation for Water Conflict Management course. Ernest served as a volunteer doing irrigation engineering for Mennonite Central Committee in Nepal during the eighties on an integrated rural development project. Thiessen has attended every Cyberweek since this virtual conference began in the 1998. He has also been a guest speaker at most of the Annual International Forums on Online Dispute Resolution since they began in 2002.




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You will access this live webinar by following this link:

Here are some tips to ensure you are present and enjoy the entire presentation:
• When prompted, select participant login and enter a desired name. You do not need a password.
• If you have troubles with the link in this message, please cut and paste it into a new browser.
• I know there were issues with the latest version of Firefox, therefore, you may want to try a different browser if issues arise.
Test the link prior to logging on for the session. The first time takes a few minutes for the page to load. There is a configuration wizard prior to your first time using this software. Please test the link and enter the room any time prior to the event. The room will be open.
• If you do not have a headset or speaker for your computer, you may also dial in from a phone.

Here is the Information to do so:

Phone Access
Dial-in number(s): Phone - (201) 549-7592
Phone PIN: 66734646
The Smartsettle presentation is now available for viewing by clicking on the video player at the top of this page. It is a great opportunity to understand the power of this online dispute resolution tool. Please do feel free to continue the conversation by adding comments or questions to this page. Enjoy!


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