Live Webinar: Welcome to Cyberweek - Intro and Orientation - Monday, October 29th @ 1pm Eastern/12pm Central/5pm GMT

Welcome to Cyberweek 2012!! This webinar will introduce you to the various activities that will transpire this week as we explore Online Dispute Resolution. We will also look at the most effective ways for interacting and getting the most out of this fantastic week.


Cyberweek 2012 - Intro and Orientation from The Werner Institute on Vimeo.



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You will access this live webinar by following this link:


*Please log in at least 15 minutes prior if this is the first time you are accessing one of our webinars due to the configuration process that takes place*

Here are some tips to ensure you are present and can participate in the presentation:

· When prompted select participant login and enter a desired name. You do not need a password.

· If you have troubles with the link in this email, please cut and paste it into a new browser.

· I know there were issues with the latest version of Firefox, therefore, you may want to try a different browser if issues arise.

· Test the link prior to logging on for the session.  The first time takes a few minutes for the page to load. There is a configuration wizard prior to your first time using this software. Please test the link and enter the room any time prior to the event. The room will be open.

· If you do not have a headset or speaker for your computer, you may also dial in from a phone. Below is the Information to do so.


Phone Access:

Dial in number: (571) 392-7604
Phone PIN: 66772539

***MAC Users***

The recent Apple security update removed an older Java plug-in and Java Preferences but you can still download Java for Mac OS X here, and you'll be getting the latest version:

It is not Apple's version but it is Oracle's.  It will place the Java Preferences in your System Preferences > Other pane.

Hello all, the archive for the cyberweek orientation is posted above. If you are new to cyberweek, this short video will quickly bring you up to speed. Enjoy!


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