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"Prisoner Re-Entry Mediation is a free mediation service to help prisoners who are being released to plan living arrangements, discuss reuniting with family members or other important people in their lives, keep a positive relationship going well, and/or deal with conflict of any kind.

When people prepare for release from prison, they face many challenges. Mediation can ease the stress caused by conflict; former inmates often move in with a friend or family member initially after being released from prison and sometimes there is lingering anger, resentment and shame as a result of the charge or things that took place during the incarceration.

The Harford County Prisoner Re-Entry Program, which began in May 2011, is a partnership between the Harford County Department of Community Services, Community Mediation Program, the Harford County Sheriff’s Office, and the Harford County Detention Center. To date, four intakes have been conducted; one Conflict Resolution class has been taught at the center, and three cases are open/pending, involving six outside potential participants, for a total of nine citizens."

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Wow. This sounds awesome, very inspirational.


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