The following is an in-depth article from the Christian Science Monitor:


...Peacebuilding is a new approach to ending war, and it's becoming a global buzzword. It's different from peacemaking, which brings politicians around a table to hammer out a peace deal. And it's different from peacekeeping, which sends foreign soldiers to monitor peace agreements, separate warring parties, and protect civilians in conflict zones.

"Everybody understands peacemaking," says Judy Cheng-Hopkins, the UN assistant secretary-general for peacebuilding. "And in a way we also understanding peacekeeping.... Peacebuilding goes beyond either [of these]."

Peacebuilding is about what comes next – the slow and thankless slog of building a country back up. For generations, that job has been piecemeal: a little emergency aid here, some development projects there. But those professionals are trained differently, rarely coordinate, and are sometimes outright antagonistic. Their projects, meanwhile, are not overtly about peace. Aid is about relief; development is about economic growth. But post-conflict states also have a host of other needs.


Read the full article [HERE].

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This article's concept reminds me of a book we read for one of my NDR classes ("Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Conflict Resolution.") The book is "A Different Kind of War Story" by Carolyn Nordstrom. She talks about how Mozambique recovered after two wars and much of their success was based on the people's ability to peacebuild. They recognized that everyone, including soldiers who committed many destructive acts, needed to be brought back into the community to heal. Peacebuilding seems to be an important step in conflict resolution.

Does anyone else have thoughts on peacebuilding?


Has anyone participated in rebuilding communities?


Are your classes or jobs helping to develop skills in this area?


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