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Many of us are visual learners and creative thinkers. Sometimes a picture is really worth a thousand words. In this forum, we'll focus on the ways that visualization techniques can help us build understanding of conflict processes and promote engagement with Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and Online Dispute Resolution (ODR) tools and techniques. With your help, we'll try to illustrate some core ADR and ODR processes, visualize current trends, and make connections between various aspects of the work. In addition to conflict resolution processes, we might also explore ways in which visualization techniques are being used in the waging of social conflict, for instance in social change and human rights campaigns. Finally, we are interested in sharing examples of the use of visualizations when working with parties engaged in complex conflicts as a way to help them move closer to agreement or mutual understanding. Your contributions, both artistic and reflective, are welcome.


Hi Folks. Welcome to the Visualizing ADR/ODR Forum. Glad to have you with us. Here are some ways you can engage with the materials I have prepared and with your other Cyberweek colleagues.

1) Browse our Visualizing ADR/ODR Pinterest Board of more than 150 images for one that strikes your fancy or stimulates your theoretical juices or which just seems highly relevent to understanding ODR. Copy the image link or embed code into your forum comment (use the "html" button in the edit bar before adding embed code) and then explain what you find interesting about it, or the questions it raises for you.

2) Share your creativity. Contribute a post or two with graphics on ADR or ODR that you have created or remixed. Gather praise, feedback, or silent admiration from your peers.

3) Comment on other postings to this forum, keeping the conversation going.

4) Dive boldly into the image canvas I have created to organize some of the many available images. Here's the link:

5) If you are feeling really creative (or maybe just curious), you can try your hand at editing a shared page exploring Online Dispute Resolution. To get started, visit and use the password "cyberweekrocks". You can drag and drop content from the web (or a Pinterest item from our collection perhaps, or a video, etc) or your computer, and modify mural as you need. Use the toolbar on the left to add stickers or text or shapes.

Looking forward to the week ahead. Thanks for joining in.


Bill Warters

Moderator Bio:

Bill Warters, Ph.D., is a faculty member at Wayne State University’s Department of Communication where he teaches courses on social conflict, mediation, and communication technologies and conflict among others. He is webmaster of, a site supporting conflict resolution in educational settings and developer of a new iPad app for conflict resolution educators. More information on Bill's various projects can be found at


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This discussion has been my favorite aspect of cyber week by a long shot. I'm not much of a visual artist but I have always admired it greatly. The multitude of images found here shows just how much art can enhance any subject and allow others to see multiple perspectives. The visuals here do a tremendous job of showing the many positive aspects of ADR/ODR as well as potential problems that plague ADR/ODR. My favorite peace was probably the teach peace image. It was very simple but it had a powerful and clear message about the role of education in conflict resolution. Proper ADR practices are not intuitive and need to be taught in order to be effective. Teaching others helps ensure that the proper methods of conflict resolution are in place and that they are being spread to numerous people. I also enjoyed the work where a mediator was portrayed as a GPS like device. It shows the possible problems of relying too much on technology to solve our problems. ADR largely relies on the human ability to think creatively and view a situation from multiple perspectives. Machines are not capable of this and so their ability to assist in ADR practices is limited. These images have been an extremely enjoyable part of cyber week and so I thank everyone that found and created them. 

Well folks, I think it is time to congratulate ourselves on another good Cyberweek with lots of interesting conversations and demonstrations. Hopefully there was something for everyone. I picked one last image, this one illustrating the core skills of peaceworkers from a group called PeaceWorkers UK. I think it would be great to create something similar with illustrations specific to ODR practitioners.

Let's all keep building our capacity for constructive communication and conflict resolution. See you next year!

Bill Warters 


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