Webinar - Beyond the Courthouse: Role-Play in Integrated ODR Environment with Webinar Debrief

Beyond the Courthouse:
Role-Play in Integrated ODR Environment with Webinar Debrief

Cyberweek 2016 - Beyond the Courthouse: Developing a Community of O... from Werner Institute on Vimeo.

Activity Information:

You are invited to be among the first to experience the Beyond the Courthouse network, designed to bring people with disputes together with the professionals who can help them. Throughout Cyberweek 2016 participants will engage in an immersive role plays on the network, then join in a webinar debrief at the close of Cyberweek.
The BTC network is an integrated online dispute resolution environment: both a marketplace for ADR/ODR resources and professionals as well as a powerful, flexible and private ODR service-delivery platform featuring:

  • Ask the Profesionals Q&A forum;
  • Resource Area pages dedicated to specific subject matter areas;
  • Private Meeting Rooms any member can create to work-out their disputes.

At the start of Cyberweek, all Cyberweek participants are invited to register on the BTC network. Over the course of Cyberweek participants will test his or her own ODR ideas by interacting with other participants (and fake members driven by moderators).

For the fully-immersive experience, you will want to request to be assigned to a role-play group. Classes, study groups and practice groups may prefer to coordinate among themselves to role-play their own scenario.

To begin, go to the Beyond the Courthouse network - beyondthecourthouse.net - and follow the Cyberweek 2016 instructions you find there.

After having spent Cyberweek interacting with others on the network, a webinar conversation would be centered on the participants' responses about what they've experienced in this specific context and from it what they have learned about ODR possibilities more generally. It would be a roundtable discussion generously-facilitated to encourage participation with a few elicitive, open-ended questions.
At the end of Cyberweek, join the webinar facilitated in a roundtable format by Jeff Aresty and Jeff Bean, host of the BTC network. We'll debrief what we experienced and learned. 

Moderator Bio:

Jeff Bean is a mediator, facilitator and lawyer in Seattle providing collaborative and agreement-oriented approaches to conflict and decision-making. He is past Chair of the Washington State Bar Association Alternative Dispute Resolution Section.


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We've got people signing-up, exploring the network and the first of the role-play groups has started. Let me know if you have any questions!


You will access this live webinar by following this link:

Join WebEx meeting


*Please log in at least 15 minutes prior if this is the first time you are accessing one of our webinars due to the configuration process that takes place*

Here are some tips to ensure you are present and can participate in the presentation:

· When prompted, enter your name and email address, and click "Join". You do not need a password.
· If you have troubles with the link in this email, please cut and paste it into a new browser.

As we prepare for the conversation about developing an ODR community, we finally have the ODRHQ Slack channel ready for accessing through individual signups. Please follow this link and you can sign up directly to join the channel for community building and conversations relevant to ODR: https://odrhq.herokuapp.com/

Hello, the archive for this session is now available for viewing. Enjoy!


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