Webinar: Online Europe: How Far Away From ODR?

Cyberweek 2015: Online Europe: How Far Away From ODR? from Bryan J Hanson on Vimeo.

Webinar Description:

The EU has passed new legislation for ADR and ODR in 2013. The ADR Directive and ODR Regulation will be outline. The quality requirements by the ADR Directive will be examined. We will also take a brief look on the UNCITRAL ODR draft rules in comparison to the European legislation.Issues of practical still significant importance such as the funding of ADR entities and the automation of the ODR process will be discussed as well. Additionally the nature of the participation of the parties and the binding or not character of the decision along with the recognition and enforcement of the award will be addressed.The necessity for online settlement of disputes has never been put so clearly in European legislation as a goal for the internal market. ODReurope, standing at the forefront of this global effort, introduces practical ways of resolving disputes online through existing smart technology, such as Youstice, moving online Europe from theory to practice.

Presenter Bios:

Eleftheria (Ria) Papadimitriou is a Court of Appeals Lawyer in Greece and member of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki. She holds an LLB from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and an LLM from International Hellenic University on Transnational and European Commercial Law and Alternative Dispute Resolution.

She is a Dispute Resolution Specialist (arbitration, mediation, negotiations).

Ria is also an Accredited Mediator in Civil and Commercial cases by ADRg, UK, INADR, Chicago and the Greek Ministry of Justice and Religious Affairs. Additionally she has been trained and accredited by ADRg as an Online Dispute Resolution Mediator. She is a Certified e-Commerce Consultant by the Spin-off Aristotle University of Thessaloniki as well.

Her expertise lies in Civil and Commercial Law, whereas she is specialized in Intellectual Property and Information Technology Law. Her thesis was titled “Domain Name Dispute Resolution in Transnational Level”.

She has served as a Judge for the INADR 14th Annual International Law School Mediation Tournament-London and the 1st Greek Mediation Competition held by ADRg in Thessaloniki, Greece.

She is a young ICCA member and member of the International Affairs Committee of the Bar Association of Thessaloniki.

With her dual capacity, both as a Lawyer and Mediator she is dedicated in promoting mediation in Greece in all possible fields and especially in the field of e-Commerce where she is currently working on a relevant project. 

Petros Zourdoumis is a mediator accredited by the Greek Ministry of Justice and ADR training organizations in Europe and the U.S.A. His academic background includes economics, English law and European Law in post graduate level and his expertise in alternative dispute resolution includes negotiations, Online Dispute Resolution (ODR), Civil & Commercial Mediation, Workplace Mediation and cross-border disputes. He has been a negotiator, special advisor to Central Government on issues of political communication & strategy and Associate to Greek Parliament. He is Special Advisor to Local Government, Mediator in the Court of First Instance and President of the Board of the Association of Greek Mediators. He has served as president & CEO in private corporations and he is an active member of many European and international institutions related to ADR. He is the founder of ODReurope (www.odreurope.com), the only entity in Greece and one of the few entities in Europe actively engaged in ODR and working towards raising awareness to practitioners, corporations, SMEs, state bodies & individuals for the implementation of online dispute resolution. ODReurope is a strategic partner of YOUSTICE for Greece, Cyprus and the Balkan States.

Simon Reinhold studied law at the University of Muenster (Germany) and Bilkent Üniversitesi (Turkey). After his studies Simon served his legal traineeship with (among other) the German Embassy in The Hague (The Netherlands) and a law firm in Tokyo (Japan). Simon then started his PhD studies at the European Business School in Wiesbaden and the European Legal Studies Institute of the University of Osnabrueck. His PhD thesis covers online dispute resolution of cross-border consumer contracts, where he compare the European and the UNCITRAL approach to ODR. In October 2015 Simon started to work as a lawyer for Luther, one of the largest German law firms. Simon has already published on the topic of ODR, for example: Busch, Christoph/Reinhold, Simon, Standardisation of Online Dispute Resolution Services: Towards a more technological approach, EuCML, 2015, 50-58.


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