Webinar: Mediating Highly Complex Cases in Corporations (April/2014)

Mediating Highly Complex Cases

in Corporations

This webinar examines the legal communications, psycho-social, emotional, financial and relational aspects of mediation while focusing on the negotiation skills required for dealing with complex issues involved in corporate dealings. Participants will analyze and assets the aforementioned while honing mediation skills. This webinar also offers an in depth examination of big businesses multi-party and fortune 500 corporations.

Presenter Bio:

Dr. Ralph Steele is a District Manager and Lecturer with World Mediation Organization in West Berlin, Germany. Dr. Ralph Steele has been a mediator since 1992. He has conducted over 8000 hours of mediation, and has more than ten years experience in the mediation of business and family issues. Dr. Steele has received two doctorate degrees -- one in Civil Law and Mediation and a Ph.D. in Psychology from Oxford University in the United Kingdom. He is both a TMCA Creden-tialed Distinguished Mediator and a Board Certified Professional Counselor (by the Ameri-can Psychotherapy Association and the Texas Board of Examiners of Professional Counse-lors). His undergraduate degree is from Con-cordia University, and he holds a Master of Divinity degree from Vanderbilt University. Dr. Steele honorably served as a United States naval officer and is devoted to developing our youth as future leaders who have positive impacts on society. Currently, Dr. Steele is a lecturer and a district manager with the World Mediation Organization. 

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Hello Everyone, the archive is ready for streaming by clicking play on the video player above. Dr. Steele provided a wonderful presentation that I am sure you will find beneficial to your practice. Please feel free to continue the conversation by placing any questions or comments in this forum. Enjoy! Bryan


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