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Conflict Engagement and ADR in the News

International Arbitration Bill Approved by State Senate

By Michael Booth (09/16/2016, New Jersey Law Journal)

The New Jersey Senate has passed legislation that would make the state a center for international alternative dispute resolution.

The bill, S602, sponsored by state Sen. Thomas Kean, R-Union, passed in a 33-0 vote Sept. 15 and now goes to the Assembly for consideration.

The bill, if passed by both houses of the Legislature and signed by Gov. Chris Christie, would codify a process in which disputes between U.S.-based and foreign-based parties could be resolved through arbitration or mediation.

"This is exactly the kind of legislation to make New Jersey more hospitable to the business community," Kean said in a statement. "We need to develop policies that promote economic growth and give businesses a reason to come here. Kean said nine other states have enacted similar legislation.  Learn more about the innovative bill here.


Restorative justice: Forgiveness is not a pardon

By Rebeccah Lutz (09/18/2016 Tallahassee Democrat)

Ann Grosmaire’s ashes rest in a handcrafted wooden acorn on a table at the foot of the stairs in her parents’ home. The table celebrates the youngest of the three Grosmaire daughters, a tall girl with long blonde hair. She loved animals and dreamed of owning her own sanctuary.

Surrounding the acorn are mementos and photos of Ann’s vibrant life: Ann in a black and white prom dress; Ann wearing a purple princess hat surrounded by colorful balloons on her last birthday; and Ann swaddled in a blanket on her mother’s lap shortly after she was born.

Kate and Andy Grosmaire pass this table each time they walk to their upstairs bedroom, but they do so in peace. More than six years after Ann’s death, the Grosmaires remain committed to telling others about the power of forgiveness and restorative justice.

Click here to learn more about how the Grosmaire’s pursuit of restorative justice


 Good Reads: Blogs, Books, and More!

Why Are We Nicer To Strangers Than Our Loved Ones?

As many of you know, I’ve been (unsuccessfully) trying to become a decent tennis player, and now the moment has come when I know all hope is lost: My 12 year-old can play me under the table.

Despite this, I decided she and I would “team up” and play doubles against two friends of mine who are about our level. And, all was going well – until I messed up a few times. Well, this upset my daughter to the point that she mumbled, “I didn’t want you on my team in the first place.” Yep. It hurt.

But, it got me thinking: She would NEVER treat a stranger like this. I’ve watched as other doubles partners mess up over and over again, and she doesn’t seem to mind at all. So, what gives? Why do my loved-ones treat strangers better than they treat me? And why do I do the same?.. Find out more here.


What practical skills for negotiation should we teach students?

By Chris Voss (Posted in Quora and Huffington Post, 09/14/2016)

Here are three things that are both practical and give you the power to distinguish yourself:

#1. Don’t be afraid to find out: amplify and clarify. This will get you to the point where you’ll learn to listen between the lines and find out what makes people really tick. You’ll make great deals and have great allies. Learning to read people and then make that knowledge useful in your negotiations in a way that benefits your negotiation partners eventually makes you become someone who can make deals others can’t. You become the “fixer”, that is, the go-to person who they send in to succeed when no one else can.

Find out the other two tips here.


Negotiation Book Club - Tower of Babel symposium

In the runup  to symposium to be held at the University of Missouri on October 7:  Moving Negotiation Theory from the Tower of Babel Toward a World of Mutual Understanding, Prof. Rishi Batra explains why the negotiation field needs to be familiar with  Samuel Arbesman’s book, The Half Life of Facts: Why Everything We Know Has an Expiration Da...

I'm absolutely convinced. Read about it, here.

Upcoming Events


The ACR Conference is almost here! Click here to learn about the events happening in Baltimore September 28 to October 1 including the reception celebrating the Werner Institute’s 10th anniversary* and the inauguration of the new ACR President (and ADRHub contributor and administrator) Bryan Hanson.


* Note the reception is free and open to the public. You do not need to register to participate in the conference in order to attend the Werner Reception.




The Communicate 2016 Conference is taking place September 26-27 in Sydney. With international and local experts confirmed, do not miss this opportunity to hear from some of the leading communication professionals working in the field. Whether your interest is business, family, workplace or ADR practice, this event will enhance your understanding, skills, and ability to manage conflicts in personal and professional environments.

Find out more information about the conference here including how to register for access via livestream.


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