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What is Youstice?

Youstice is a new-generation multilingual online tool, delivering fast and fair solutions to customer complaints all over the world. It helps companies seamlessly communicate and handle claims - both within countries and cross-border.

Through Youstice, in just a couple of clicks, both sides can communicate and negotiate directly, making issues resolved within minutes. The process is standardized and automated, and still sophisticated, as it provides options for a constructive dialogue between the consumer and retailer. If no agreement is reached, Youstice offers the option to have the complaint reviewed by a neutral third-party professional, selected by the parties for a quick, fair decision.

By resolving complaints rapidly and fairly, retailers become trusted sellers – and gain loyal customers, prevent negative feedback and make clients more engaged.

Youstice launched commercially in summer 2014 and is available to companies as a simple plug-in that can be integrated with their web`s infrastructure, with a free trial period and subscription packages starting from 10EUR/month. And on top of that, Haendlerbund members will receive additional special 20% discount, no matter what subscription package they select.

Watch our video and visit our website for more information.

Key benefits of Youstice

  • Connect with your customers and increase their loyalty – thanks to a personalized approach to customer complaints
  • You save time- solving a complaint takes just a couple of clicks
  • You minimize negative reviews and prevent customers from posting future ones by resolving their complaints quickly and efficiently
  • You get help with the international expansion – you will get an access to our ecosystem of interconnected online markets, consumer organizations, trustmarks and ODR (Online Dispute Resolution) providers

The key aim of Youstice is to drive trust in online retail world, and to make shopping easy and safe - for everyone. For retailers, the new web application opens up further possibilities to break into new markets and push on with their international business growth.

How does it work?

Youstice is the first open global web application for resolving customer issues, so any business anywhere in the world can join in. Customers who are unhappy with their purchase or obtained service can enter their complaint in four simple steps directly via shop’s website, negotiate with the retailer and resolve their issue effectively and to everybody's satisfaction.

How much does it cost?

Once you have added the Youstice plug-in to your shop, you can try it for free for six months (see Integration). Afterwards, you can choose from several affordable packages, starting at only 10 EUR/10 USD per month (see Pricing)

Presenter Bio:

Zbynek Loebl – CEO of Youstice - founded Youstice as a globally available tool for efficient resolving shopping issues. His experience with alternative dispute resolutions originates from managing the development of European ADR Centre at the Czech Arbitration Court. Zbynek has a 11+ years of knowledge regarding e-commerce, gained as Head of E-Economy Practice Group at Central European Advisory Group.


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