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IMCP Internship

CIT is looking for an intern to help with the coordination of the International Mediator Community of Practice's (IMCP) activities.

Deadline: August 25th

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Mediating the Aftermath of War

Central African Republic

In the shadows of Bangui's National Forum, NGOs are doing the painstaking work of rebuilding CAR' social fabric. While at the national-level, delegates made police recommendations around such topics as peace and security, justice and reconciliation, governance, as well as social and economic development, at the community-level these problems are personal...Read…


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Measuring Progress Towards Peace: indicators of success

Mediation is a change process whose impact can be felt at different levels of society, measured across time and evaluated from different stakeholders' point of view. For this reason mediators should take an expansive view of success, beyond just the signing of an agreement.

The indicators described below should be seen as inter-dependent variables that…


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Pastors and Imams co-mediating local conflicts

Modelling collaboration in your process design

In this adversarial world of power politics, collaborative peace-making processes are emerging as providing surprisingly sustainable outcomes. Unlike power negotiations,...Read more

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IMCP: International Mediators’ Community of Practice

The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) is seeking to create a new Affinity Group for international mediators. The International Mediators’ Community of Practice (IMCP) will provide an informal platform for…


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Deconstructing the Use of Power in Mediation

Power, in the field of conflict resolution, is defined as the ability to bring about a preferred outcome. Mediation practitioners further differentiate between the use of power to impose an outcome and the use of power to bring out the conflict parties’ preferred outcome...Read more

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Statistics about International Mediation

The following are statistics about the use of mediation, its impact on crisis management and long-term tension reduction, and the effectiveness of various mediation styles and organizations. This is by no means a literature review but just a few numbers I found interesting.

Please feel free to respond by sharing the statistics you’ve found in your research, of course including appropriate references so sources can be verified...…


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From Violence to a Willingness to Negotiate: strategies for getting belligerents to the table

External forces cannot by themselves compel a State to end a civil strife: at some point, domestic actors need to be able to work together to find a way out of the conflict.

There are many reasons why people choose to escalate a conflict, but most often it is a tactic to achieve a certain objective. For…


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