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Discipline: Are you Focused on your 95%?

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I was shocked recently as I read a blog entry on change by Tony Schwartz on the Harvard Business Review Online.  In it, he states that 95% of our behaviors are habitual, and only 5% are consciously self-selected.   How can this be?  Are we so programmed that we literally only choose to do things 5% of the time?  This hit home for me in particular, since I believe so…


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Know who you are: Living your Values

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It seems that many employees are increasingly disgruntled by their employer’s failure to “walk the talk”. When an organization proclaims

it believes in something, but then behaves in a way that is contrary to

those beliefs, the results are dire. Just today, I heard an example of a

company communicating to its… Continue

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The Power of One

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The power of one: one voice, one direction, one result. I am speaking of the power of one team--aligned and guiding those around them swiftly, purposefully and cohesively. The results of sustained alignment are dramatic. How often have… Continue

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The Difference between Settlement and Resolution

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Have you ever "resolved" an issue, only to have it rear its ugly head months, even years later? I recently met with someone who was involved

with a past conflict, and found that the interaction triggered

unanticipated anger, hurt and other emotions. The relationship, which I

had tried to keep intact, had a tail of lingering bad feelings. Why…

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Shared Vision, Systems Thinking and Value

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I recently watched Bill Clinton's 2007 acceptance speech for the TED Prize on the rebuilding of Rwanda. In it, he set the stage for his vision byarticulating three brutal facts: the world we live is unequal, unstable… Continue

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Building a Case for a Diverse and Inclusive Organization

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I just read an article by European researchers who set out a model for creating an environment that is

inclusive in nature for all people. The authors frame their work in

terms of an ethical challenge, rather than cost avoidance or…

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Linking practice to results-There is no silver bullet

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In connection with a recent research project, I had the pleasure and opportunity to speak to some practitioners and companies about some key

drivers of results--at least according to "how to" books out there.

The first grouping of questions focused on alignment. There were

some themes that emerged in the answers. First, the CEO or

organizational… Continue

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Appreciative Inquiry--Leverage your Strengths

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I was raised in an environment where we were consumed with “fixing” ourselves. Perhaps this came from my family's immigrant roots and the driving need to “fit in” or not to stand out (at least in bad ways). I always sought to do a good job, but I put limitations on myself in terms of getting better, as I focused so…

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How to Build Enduring Organizations

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I must reveal my bias up front. I am fascinated with the business organization. After many years as a lawyer, looking at business from the outside in, I wanted to know what makes it tick and why certain organizations are successful and the vast majority of others fail. It was in this context that I came upon my current philosophy of a successful business organization:… Continue

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Emotional Intelligence: Shadow of the Leader

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The very first CEO for whom I worked consistently referred to the importance of the "Shadow of the Leader”. His demeanor spoke of modesty and humility--no corporate jets, no extravagant cars or homes, and graciousness to all whom he encountered. Was he perfect? No, in fact he had tendencies towards micromanagement and, under stress, his graciousness bordered on… Continue

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