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New Years Resolution

After going through six family Christmas gatherings and a new years party with friends, I began to realize that I say the same thing...alot. Sometimes they are cliches while other sayings are my own. Even at work, every customer that leaves is left with a "have a good one." It seems that when I think about what I am saying, I can easily pick the words that show empathy and care. However, it is the times that are habitual that I easily slip back to the generic unconcerned conversation. My…


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A look at

For those of you that are unfamiliar with, here is a great free tool available to parents and mediators. (Thanks to Linda Gryczan for pointing this site out) It is suggested that mediators have each parent go through the program before entering into a mediation. I feel… Continue

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A Blog on Blogging

In the many discussions I had during the holiday, the fact that I have been blogging for ADRhub came up multiple times. Some were surprised, others thought it was cool. I did however get one unified reaction, "I could never do that."

I will admit, I was in their shoes not that long ago. Just ten short weeks ago I began to blog. I wondered (and sometimes still do), will anyone read my blogs? Will it even matter? Will I run out of stuff to talk about? After ten weeks I can tell you,… Continue

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Member Spotlight

One of the primary strengths of is the network of members from such diverse backgrounds. now includes academics, practitioners, scholars, professionals, students, 'newbies,' and those interested in getting involved in Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR). The network has experienced rapid growth in a short period of time--a testament to the high level of interest in ADR, as well as a strong desire to collaborate and learn from other members.

To… Continue

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The Start of my Journey

As I near the end of my practicum, one of my many worries is that I won’t be able to find a job in mediation. After all, things are stacked up against me in a way. Being 24 years old, without a law degree, very little mediation experience, I feel that I am a little behind the eight ball. As I search for hints and suggestions to get in field, I am bombarded with this lack luster advice, “Don’t quit your day job.” You mean to tell me after I have experienced the power of mediation,…


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Is required mediation/arbitration good for the future of ADR?

As I look at the current state of ADR, I can't help but think about some of the factors that have helped it get to this point. Overflowing dockets in the courts, new legislation, and contractual requirements have all helped fill the schedules of mediators around the world. Each has helped get ADR from crawling to walking. Now I ask myself, is required mediation good for the long term success of mediation.

Certainly there some perks to these…


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"This is not a time for compromise"....or is it?

For those of you who read my blogs (I think I'm up to 5 including my wife and mom) you may remember my blog about politics earlier. While I feel a little uncomfortable talking about politics, I feel compelled to talk about issues that relate to ADR. So I will write another.

As the poll results were streaming in, I was reminded of a phrase I read by a representative from Ohio. "This is not a time for compromise." So I began to think to myself, 'why is compromise such a bad thing?' It… Continue

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ODR and cyberbullying

As a student of ADR, I am constantly looking for the next opportunity. How else can we bring the message to the people? Every week, when I sit down to write this blog, I recall things that occurred throughout the week, any current events to conjure up ideas. In the spirit of cyberweek I thought it would be appropriate to discuss my thoughts on cyberbullying, and ADR's opportunity to help such a travesty.

As I look back at my childhood, I can't really remember if I was ever bullied… Continue

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Door to Door Salesman

It happens to the best of us. At the most inopportune time, you hear a knock at

yo ur door, or a ring from your phone. A salesman. In my case last Friday night, it was a Kirby Vacuum Salesman. With a little smooth talk and a promise for a free room cleaning I let him in. What the heck, I was going to be cleaning for company coming soon anyway so I might as well let someone else do it right? Being a salesman myself I also like to hear a different sales pitch every so often. As he… Continue

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Bringing mediation to the Mainstream

With the advantages of mediation and other ADR processes, I often wonder why it is not more popular. I think it would be fair to say that most people know about mediation through tabloids and movies. When I explain to people what I am studying, I am often asked if its like the beginning of the movie Wedding Crashers. In fact, just this week I had three friends say they thought of me after watching a parenting plan mediation take place on MTV's… Continue

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Politics and ADR

As the sang goes, never discuss politics or religion. Today, I am going to break that rule. One cannot ignore the amount of political propaganda going on. Political ideologies are spewed out for all to hear in rallies hoping to reach the all important undecided vote. I often find myself fighting a battle on the inside on which side to listen to and support. Each side often has some valid points, but some ideas make me cringe a bit. I want everyone to have a fair shake at opportunities, but why… Continue

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Why Mediation?

Why get into Mediation? Most of you reading this have probably asked yourself this at least once. If your experience was similar to mine, you also had to answer questions like "what is mediation? So your like a judge or something? What can you do with that?" Nearly two years ago, I had to ask myself these questions. I knew a little about mediation through negotiation and law classes I took in undergrad. However, I could barely answer the same questions my family and… Continue

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My Introduction to ADRHub

Hello members of ADRhub, and others who have wondered their way onto to this Blog.

I wanted to take the opportunity to introduce myself and talk about a few things. My name is Matt Starman and I am a soon-to-be graduate of the Werner Institute at Creighton University. Part of practicum entails that I contribute to this site on a regular basis. It is my hope that my blogs and posts are entertaining and at the very least thought provoking. This is my first blog, not just on this site but… Continue

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