I got a great education at the Werner Institute. I felt on fire with knowledge throughout the program and now I go equipped with my new degree (and my old degree and experience) out into the world to search for meaningful work. This of course if no small task. I haven't written any books or articles, or won any great awards but I did graduate with a 4.0 and my professors nominated me for a prestigious national honor society into which I was inducted as a lifetime member.

In fact, my background is volunteer (or nearly volunteer the pay was so low) experience working with youth..... youth in conflict, youth at risk, youth trying to build better relationships, and youth trying to gain better understanding of each other's cultural dynamics. I also have years of experience running my own small business. I have skills!!! One professor contributed a letter of recommendation for a small fellowship I applied for (but did not get) and she commented: "Jillian has a wonderful and hard to find mix of scholarship and academic/theoretical grasp combined with real world/feet on the ground practical street smarts". -Yanira Aleman.

I know this to be true about myself. I also have passion for my interests which include the narrative/story sharing component of conflict and  building better dialogue between parties. As an example... when I worked in a group home for high risk juveniles, I heard the way they talked to and about one another. This caused me great pain. I knew it was out of ignorance but I was not the program creator. So I did what I could in my small way. To further act on this passion, I accepted a lecture presentation opportunity where I spoke to high school youth about conflict, reframing, and active listening. Just think where we would be in the fight against gang violence if we could help youth learn to better understand  and talk to one another. See... I know I can make a difference!!!

So this blog post is about focus. I know what I want to do... I just need to find someone (or an organization) who can give me an opportunity to make good on my goals. Like a good Search Engine Optimization tool.... I will have my crawlers out there.... no stone will go unturned, as they say. Still, it is a bit disconcerting to say the least. 

After graduation, one needs to remember to water the roots of the "education plant" that started with the first class (how is that for an awkward, trite analogy).... anyway, my eyes are wide open and searching. I hope someone reads this.... I have a lot to offer.

Jillian Post

Omaha, NE.....soon to be a resident of New Jersey!!

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Comment by Jesan Sorrells on June 18, 2013 at 5:38pm


Take a look at Dave Hilton and Rockstar Mediator for a way to begin building a mediation business that will take you where you want to go. Also look into the work of Neil Denny and Jason Dykstra and Get Artisan. If you have any other questions about building a mediation practice that will be successful post-graduation get in contact with me at hssonsultingandtraining@gmail.com and I'll answer your questions and provide you with resources. Thanks!

Comment by Jillian Post on June 18, 2013 at 7:28pm


While mediation might certainly be a part of what I do, I am not looking to build a mediation practice per say. Workshops, facilitation, group processes, dialogue building work will be the crux of what I do. If I end up practicing mediation solely for a while, that is OK too, but not as a self-employed business owner. I did not mean to insinuate that I wanted to continue to be self-employed. I have been self-employed since 1989 and it is way past time to take a break from all that income uncertainty and overhead. None the less I will take a look at the resources, thanks!!!


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