Choices are sharper, when your finger is on the trigger

It's been a while since a story on CNN took my breath away, but this one did just that.


No matter what your take on transformative mediation, this story demonstrates how conflict presents participants with critical opportunities for decisionmaking, decisions of a sharper nature than day-to-day life usually presents us with. And, with these moments of decision comes the opportunity for what Bush and Folger described as moral growth. This pilot could have been equally castigated or idolized for either of the two decisions he could have made. It was his choice, however, that made the difference regarding his own growth. Going beyond the story, I'll add that perhaps anyone who has ever asked him or her -self whether or not to take the shot, might be able to retroactively consider their decision, and perhaps experience some of that same growth - regardless of the call.

[As today is one on which I will think of Douglas Adams whever anything meaningful happens, I will add that he would have ended this story with the line "...where they were eaten by a small dog"]

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