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Early Dispute Resolution

Planned Early Dispute Resolution? Sounds like a no-brainer to me. Here's what John Lande has to say about it, after researching corporate approaches and attitudes towards it:


(originally posted on Indisputably)


One might assume that using a “planned early dispute resolution” (PEDR) system should be a…


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Trust, Security and Fairness in ODR

A new paper, written with John Zeleznikow, explores three key concepts in online dispute resolution: Fairness, Trust and Security. I look forward to hearing your thoughts!

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High hopes for the high holidays, from the Middle East

Join me in sharing this beautiful clip, in which Jews and Muslims in Israel speak about the upcoming holidays of ‘Id al-Adcha and Yom Kippur, which come out together this year. Beautiful!

The clip was produced by Mosaica, Israel’s leading community mediation center, which operates branches in mixed Jewish/Muslim cities in Israel. …


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Here is a good piece written by a good friend, with all the good advice a new lawyer needs before she or he gets started. Dispute resolution folks – I think you may want to read this as well.

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Negotiating via (the New) Email (again!)

A book chapter I wrote last year, Negotiation via (the New) Email, is to be reprinted in a second leading negotiation textbook – this time, in the upcoming edition of Jay Folberg and Dwight Golann’s Lawyer Negotiation: Theory, Practice, and Law. I’m so glad this topic is starting to find its way into the mainstream of negotiation courses, in business, conflict engagement and legal frameworks (earlier this year, it was reprinted in Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry and David Saunders’…


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Call for Papers: Journal of Peacebuilding & Development


JPD is a tri-annual refereed journal providing a forum for critical thinking and constructive action at the intersections of conflict, development and peace


JPD is calling for papers for open issue Volume 11 Number 2.…


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Dispute Resolution - The end of an erA?

For all those of us used to plugging away for ADR, and bemoaning it as an uphill battle, hear this quote of a student explaining why he signed up for my Intro to ADR course:

"In my current position, I see books on dispute resolution on most of the attorneys’ desks."

We wouldn't want to miss noticing that the revolution has happened, when it finally does - do we?

The end of the A in ADR?

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Peace and conflict post #8623: The Ombudsthingie

As long as I'm taking controversial peace and conflict topics on over social media, this one relates to the name of an important conflict role gaining traction over the past few years.

For a while, I used to think the term 'ombudsman' was just a term, and nothing to argue about.

Then, I thought that the fact that the 'man' in it does not indicate the male gender in the Swedish origin of the term was important. It's just a word, right? If it wasn't intended to differentiate,…


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Why I became a teacher, part 213:

...because just as your children become parents, and bless you with grandchildren – so too, your students become teachers, and bless you with grandstudents. 

And, although you don’t know quite how many there are out there, and you don’t get to hear about the wonderful things they do in the world – every now and then, you see ripples or hear echoes. And sometimes, you get to hear about how one of them goes off and does something outstanding like this. 

I can't claim any credit…


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New Book By Dr. Jackie Font: Experiencing Puerto Rican Citizenship and Cultural Nationalism

This is an excellent book on identity, culture and how these relate to conflict. The book exposes the inconvenient truth about the relationship between the United States and Puerto Rico that few USAmericans are aware of - and the ramifications this has on the relationship between Puerto Ricans and the United States.

My colleague Jackie Font of the Werner Institute, ladies and gentlemen. This goes into the "and I knew her way back when!" category!…


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New Masters (or: why I always celebrate mid-May)

This is always my favorite weekend of the year: Commencement!

I've just re-read the list of names of forty graduates of The Werner Institute at  at Creighton University who will be designated Masters of their field, this weekend. The field of Negotiation and Dispute Resolution attracts, and develops such wonderful people - and it has…


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Why I Became a Teacher, Part 83:

...because every so often you get a letter like the following, which I received this week from a student, who is very close to being a graduate of The Werner Institute:

"My practicum is coming to a close and I wanted to share a bit of it with you…


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Everything I Know About Dispute Resolution Is Wrong – Especially What You Say About It

[John Lande has written up a great piece at, describing our session at the ABA's Dispute Resolution conference in Seattle last week. Rattling some ADR cages! Enjoy - Noam]


Everything I Know About Dispute Resolution Is Wrong – Especially What You Say About It

I think that it is accurate to say that at the ABA DR Section Conference we had a lively session entitled, …


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Check out this introduction to our upcoming session at the ABA's Dispute Resolution conference in Seattle, courtesy of John Lande at 

Attending the conference? Come rattle the cages with us (constructively, of course!). 

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New Journal on Mediation: Mediation Theory and Practice

Hi all,

I’d like to call your attention to a new journal focusing on mediation: Mediation Theory and Practice. This peer-reviewed journal of the UK’s College of Mediators is put out by Equinox Publishing. It is an open-access journal (meaning – that its content will not be restricted behind paywalls). The journal’s head editor is Elizabeth Stokoe, of Loughborough University.

Check out the call for papers for the inaugural volume, here:…


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Legal education, dispute resolution, and zombies

A great blog post by John Lande on

Is Legal Education a Zombie?

By John Lande

Lately, we have talked about Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, Prince Charming, fairy godmothers, aristocrats, wicked witches,…


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NegMOOC starts today!

Hi all -

My MOOC on Negotiation: Navigating Professional and Personal Interactions begins today. The course is asynchronous, and there are no set times for lectures and meetups. As a result, the kickoff time of 10 am this morning is one of the only set times in the course - so I'm loading a lot of excitement onto it!

Glad to see so many of you with me at the starting line! Want to join? Sign up here: …


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Negotiation and ADR enter the MOOC Age

On October 20th I’ll be kicking off a four-week basic course on Negotiation: Navigating Professional and Personal Interactions

The unique thing about this…


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Teaching Negotiation Online: Part II – new resource available

As more and more teachers in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution consider taking their courses (or, parts of them) online, I’ve received many queries of the “How do you get started?” variety. And, I’m not the only one fielding these questions. I'd like to share a resource, addressing these questions.

Together with co –presenters and –authors Jennifer Parlamis (University of San Francisco), Roy Lewicki (Ohio State University) and…


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Simulation game for international conflict resolution & negotiation training

I’d like to share a simulation I’ve  recently written with co-authors Yael Efron and Nellie Munin: FlashPoint: Syria, 2014.

FlashPoint is a simulation-game constructed as a teaching-tool for the topics of conflict analysis and resolution, collaboration, negotiation, mediation and public international law – or any…


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