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Teaching Negotiation Online: Part II – new resource available

As more and more teachers in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution consider taking their courses (or, parts of them) online, I’ve received many queries of the “How do you get started?” variety. And, I’m not the only one fielding these questions. I'd like to share a resource, addressing these questions.

Together with co –presenters and –authors Jennifer Parlamis (University of San Francisco), Roy Lewicki (Ohio State University) and…


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Simulation game for international conflict resolution & negotiation training

I’d like to share a simulation I’ve  recently written with co-authors Yael Efron and Nellie Munin: FlashPoint: Syria, 2014.

FlashPoint is a simulation-game constructed as a teaching-tool for the topics of conflict analysis and resolution, collaboration, negotiation, mediation and public international law – or any…


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My favorite time of year... Creighton Commencement

We have an amazing group of people graduating this weekend, from the Werner Institute's graduate program on Negotiation and Dispute Resolution. Newly minted Masters of the Field, we are incredibly proud of you, and what an honor it has been to watch you grow!

Creighton family - if my intel is correct, you can watch commencement live on streaming video. Look for a link off 

of on Saturday, May…


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Negotiation and ADR Teachers - Resource Share

At the ABA's DR conference in Miami, an initiative that had started the previous year turned into a tradition: Several dozen teachers offered each other use of their teaching materials to enhance each others' classrooms. It was such a wonderful environment to be in, and offered a great packet of take-aways for teachers. Below, is a write up of the materials shared, complete with links you can use to access them if these were available. Also see the…


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Developing "Critical Patience" in dispute resolution professionals

Read this great blog post by on Indisputably, by Jen Reynolds at University of Oregon School of Law. Jen describes an exercise that she presented at the ABA’s recent conference, which aimed at helping students develop “critical patience”, which dispute resolution practitioners need so much. Sure, we say “patience is very, very important” all the time – but how do we teach it, or help our students develop…


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Best negotiation course wrap-up exercise ever!

Check this out:

I've always thought that end-of-course activities should go far beyond the classic wrap-up – a teacher reviewing what s/he thinks was included on the curriculum…


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Video-based mediation – it’s starting to happen. What do we need to know?

[Also featured at]


I recently had the pleasure of writing a paper with my student-turned-teacher, Jeff Thompson (an alumnus of our Negotiation and Dispute Resolution program at Creighton and the Wizard Behind the Curtain at ADRHub). Jeff works on non-verbal communication…


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Teaching Negotiation - Online!

As more and more teachers in the area of negotiation and dispute resolution consider taking their courses (or, parts of them) online, I’ve received many queries of the “How do you get started?” variety. And, I’m not the only one fielding these questions. I'd like to share a resource, addressing these questions.…


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A game-changing article on negotiation

NDR, ADR and CONF people:

If you're still into growing in the area of negotiation, you're going to want to read this article by John Lande of the University of Missouri School of Law. It's long, but you'll figure out which parts to read once you start. You'll be glad you read it.

You can download the full-text article here: …


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Negotiation simulation - via email!

Negotiation / conflict management teacher?

Here's a simulation for you (complete with teacher's guide) - conducted by students through email:…


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The Heart, Mind and Smartphone of the Negotiator

Negotiation via (the New) Email

Forget everything you think you know about negotiating, mediating and engaging with conflict via email. That's what I did.

Exactly three years ago, I finished work on a chapter for a negotiation textbook (Michael Benoliel’s Negotiation Excellence: Successful Deal Making). The chapter focused on negotiation via email, and described the challenges, pitfalls and benefits of working thought this…


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Cyberweek 2013 - Online Dispute Resolution Conference Schedule

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Certificate program in Online Mediation

While Creighton University  continues to offer the only graduate degree program with a required course in ODR, other institutions are beginning to offer ODR-themed programs of their own. 

The most recent and impressive one is a certificate program offered online by the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya called…


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Taking Negotiation Teaching into the Real World: Conducting, Debriefing and Assessing Adventure Learning


Ever feel like giving your students or trainees real-life negotiation assignments? Sending them out of the classroom to discover how the concepts learned in class play out in the real world?

This approach to learning negotiation, called “Adventure Learning” is a fairly new kid on the negotiation teaching block. In a nutshell, adventure learning involves sending students on negotiation missions beyond the classroom, brushing up against - or actively engaging in -…


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The Pasta Wars: Return of Luigi!

The Pasta Wars, our Prisoner’s Dilemma simulation-game, will be appearing in one of the negotiation field’s leading teaching books: NEGOTIATION: READINGS, EXERCISES, AND CASES (edited by Roy Lewicki, Bruce Barry, and David Saunders), soon to come out in a 7th edition.

The 6th edition included the AuraCall and Live8 simulations, which many of you out there have had the pleasure (?) of experiencing – they’ll be…


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The Education of Non-Students

The negotiation and dispute resolution field pictures itself as having so much to contribute to improving human interactions – relationships, transactions and engaging with conflict.

However – let’s face it:

99% of the population of the planet (a gross under-estimation!) have never taken, and will never take, a negotiation course. They will never buy a negotiation book (and even I buy negotiation books which sit on the shelf unread). They will never read my blog or my Facebook…


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A Game of Negotiation!

Imagine a world in which important, top-level policy decisions, such as those regarding nuclear power, higher education or foreign relations were made on the basis of real discussion focused on real facts. In these conversations, hype would be washed away, moderate majorities would probably find more voice, and (hopefully) better decisions would be made – with less residual acrimony and polarization.


John Lennon’s “Imagine” material? I don’t think so.…


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Negotiation Student Evaluation's Black Box: Points for "course participation"

After exploring objective measures for student assessment currently employed in negotiation courses, co-author Yael Efron and I set out to determine and explore the most subjective measures teachers apply. After having discovered that the most objective measure of all – old-school quizzes – was rarely employed, we were not at all surprised to conclude that the most subjective measure employed is also (by far!) the most popular one, an assessment tool encountered in nearly all negotiation…


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Teach Negotiation? Grade students?

If you assess students in courses on negotiation, mediation or other conflict-related topics, you might find this helpful….

Evaluating our Evaluation, written with Yael Efron and Kim Kovach, is an effort to pick apart the practices of negotiation teachers in evaluating students. What are we looking for, in student performance? Deep understanding? Insight? Analytical capacity? Improvement? The ability to…


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Teaching negotiation online?

One thing made clear to me at IACM's conference, which I attended in Tacoma last week, is that many, many teachers of negotiation are looking ahead at (with only some "looking forward to") teaching negotiation courses online sometime over the next year or two.

This chapter I wrote with David Matz of UMASS Boston addresses many issues which online teachers in this and related fields are concerned about, and in particular, the all time biggie - how do you conduct good simulations and role…


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