Since my husband's job has kept us "on the move" over the past few years, our family has inhabited quite a few different homes. Some have been newer or bigger than others, but, suffice it to say, they've all been pretty nice.

But, that doesn't seem to matter to my kids. If you were a fly on the window in our car, you would swear we live in a cardboard box under the overpass! Every large home we pass comes with sighs of awe and someone shouting out "I call that one!" from the backseat.

When I tell them how fortunate they are to have a nice home and a happy life, they will often say, "yeah, but..."

It got me wondering--how many of us let envy creep into our consciousness, even just a little? And, how much of that envy can create conflict either within ourselves or with others? If we are envious of what others have, is it easier to create conflict with them or fail to resolve it?

untitledI think it's always good practice to give ourselves a reality check once in a while and come clean about our shortcomings. If envy is one of them, you may want to find out if the Green-Eyed Monster is creating conflict where it doesn't need to be.

Especially if that Green-Eyed Monster lives in a mansion.


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