Ever had something to do that you really didn’t want to? Or a task that caused you great frustration that just needed to be done?

These types of activities cause me to ‘stress eat’ – that’s my not so scientific term for the well worn path to my refrigerator.

Shuffle My Life LogoNow’s there’s a free app called “Shuffle My Life” which is designed for people who are bored, in a rut, under stress – or whatever you name is for it.  I figure it’s a great tool for when you are stuck … when you need to build in a break to help you to get something done and move forward.

Here’s how it works.

The app has over 250 tasks and that number is growing. There is also an opportunity for the submission of tasks in case you have one you want to promote!

Based on your location, the time of day, weather conditions and the season, the app makes suggestions for tasks you can do when you need some time away from your arduous task.

Even better, you can add a filter for how much time you have. So, are you looking for a 30 minute or three hour break?

Some task are free like jogging in place for 1 minute.

And others have a cost like visit the museum – $10.

There are also task categories which provide a little something for every interest: Creative, Fitness, Knowledge, Media, Nature, Productive and the ever interesting “Offbeat.”

Sorry, this app currently only works on Androids but I’m sure that iPhone isn’t far behind.

So, next time you need a break, try something new and different and get out of your rut.


P.S. Thanks to Lea for sharing this post idea with me.

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