Into simulations for conflict resolution learning?

 I just posted a new / old paper, one which really kicked off my own constant engagement with this topic, on SSRN. Thank you, co-author Yael Efron!  Check it out @


This article introduces the "pseudo-reality" method of constructing and conducting conflict resolution training workshops. This method focuses on creating a backdrop against which participants engage in negotiation and mediation skill-building, using real-life events and facts - but only to the extent that these events and facts promote the learning process. By creating pseudo-reality, trainers can overcome learning-hampering effects resulting from participants' strong preconceptions or bias on a topic, while at the same time preserving the advantages of working within a familiar, realistic environment. This method is meant to be used when the main goal of a workshop is skill-building rather than imparting substantive knowledge of a conflict. The method is demonstrated by describing its use at a workshop conducted recently in Cyprus, in which the Israeli-Palestinian conflict served as a backdrop for conflict resolution skill-building. Finally, the article provides a model designed to help conflict resolution trainers create pseudo-reality in their own workshop frameworks.


The full article, published in Negotiation Journal, is available here.

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