In February of every odd year (for the last 20 years), my life changes dramatically.

This marks the beginning of the Nevada legislative session – a time when I leave my personal life behind and embark on a 120 day work journey. It is an amazing time, filled with ups and downs, that puts great demands on my energy level and tests my durability.

About three months before the session starts, I begin to think about it … probably like a runner think about a marathon … because that’s exactly what it is.

I imagine the stress I will be under, the sleep I will skip, how long I will have to sit listening to endless testimony and quite honestly, how little I am looking forward to all of that.

And as the opening ceremonies get closer, I think about the movies I will miss, the weekend trips I won’t take and the imaginary walks with my dog.

Creative concept, idea from open mind vectorAnd then … one day, everything changes. I have gone through the mental review of all of the negatives and I start thinking about the old friends I will see again, the excitement of a positive result and the creativity I will tap into to help my clients.  I imagine the new relationships I will develop, the sense of accomplishment I will feel and the exciting challenges that lies ahead.

And, low and behold, I AM READY.

So what causes this transition for me? Truthfully … I have no idea.

But it got me to thinking … are we just one thought away from a complete change of heart about anyone and anything at any time?? If we are open to letting it happen??


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