If you’re anything like me, the “money” portion of the mediation is always…well…uncomfortable. Even though my Dad worked in finance his whole life, and money was often talked about at our dinner table, I still feel “bad” bringing up money, even when it’s the final sticking point in a mediation.

This month’s Neighborhood Mediation Center newsletter hit on the issue and addressed how to get past the hurdle when both parties are stuck in the numbers game, and it looks like no one’s likely to come out a winner.untitled (32)

Here are a few questions the author recommended asking when you find yourself “stuck” in a money discussion.

–What does this number mean to you?

–How did you arrive at that figure?

–How will this satisfy the claim your making?

–What’s most important to you, the money, or is there something else we need to explore?

–Are there other ways your needs can be met?

–Beyond money, what other issues need to be put on the table?

I think money discussions get easier with time and experience, but I imagine I’ll always be a little uncomfortable watching two parties haggle over money.

So, I, for one, will keep these questions in the back of my mind, especially when money is the last hurdle to overcome.


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