So, my Dad and Brother came for a visit last week–and, overall, it was a success. The kids love their “cool” Uncle Kai who is unattached at 42 years-old–no wife, no kids, few responsibilities–and TONS of fun (tube sock wars, music video making, hide-and-seek).

My brother probably didn’t know about my “trigger.” You know what it is–it’s that one subject no one is allowed to criticize, lest untitled (32)all Hell break loose on them. Mine is parenting.

Well, we went bowling, and, since this was a holiday weekend, and the rules went out the window when the guests arrived, I let my kids have soda (which they have about twice a month).

At that moment, my Brother (vegetarian, hipster, musician) thought it a good idea to tell me that I shouldn’t let them have soda because it’s too much sugar and “look at what it’s causing” (referring to my five year-old’s tantrum).

It didn’t take me long to unleash my temper on him and let him know–in a few choice words–that his opinion wasn’t needed–or wanted. It even scared me to feel so out of control.

So, what was it? After discussing the matter with a friend, I realized he had hit me where it hurt–parenting. It’s something I gave up a career to pursue and something in which I take a great deal of pride.

I realized it’s my trigger, and it’s a boundary that, when crossed, I explode.

It made me wonder what others’ triggers are: Career? Money? Past bad choices?

And, it made me realize we can become quite irrational when someone hits one.

So, now that I’m aware of it, I can’t plead ignorance the next time someone “crosses the boundary” with me. I have to take responsibility for myself–and my reaction.


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