Negotiation Journal Special Issue: Effects of Trump's Presidency on Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

From the State of the Union, to the State of Negotiation and Conflict Resolution

In a new, timely, special issue of Harvard’s Negotiation Journal, 35 negotiation & conflict experts identify effects of Trump’s presidency on a wide range of negotiation and conflict issues. The articles not only explore Trump’s own style; they also suggest that its effects on societal decisionmaking, international diplomacy, and interpersonal interaction are deepening and, for the most part, unsettling. 
The next few days, spanning the SotU address and the shutdown negotiations, held in the shadow of the President’s perceived BATNA of unilateral action through signing an executive order, will spotlight Trump’s negotiation style – as well as its effects on the negotiation actions and styles of others, including his constituency and his opposition. 

As the fallout of SotU merges with escalation in the shutdown rhetoric, turn off the talking heads, head over to the special issue (the link is in the second comment; the special issue has been wisely left providing for free public access) and see if it helps to make sense of the ongoing dynamics.

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