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For those interested in nonverbal communication (body language, gestures, appearance, semiotics, voice tone, touch, etc.) both from a research and academic perspective or if you have just a 'casual' interest in the subject, I thought I would offer a recap of some of the best and notable tweets, articles, and news from the past week.

Given my work schedule (law enforcement detective, mediator, consultant, trainer, and PhD student):

1) Do not expect this every week, however I will do this as often as possible.

2) When I actually do this recap (cue, my as-humble-as-I-can-say/type-this), it will be good!  Know that each tidbit offered in this recap has helped me in my variety of roles in life and hopefully it will help you.


Tweets This Week

davidmatsumotoJan 13, 12:39pm via TweetDeck

Honored to be on the cover of the latest FBI Law Enforcement Bulletin: The Role of #Emotion in Predicting Violence

WhyWeReasonJan 13, 10:01am via Web

Babies Can Tell Whether You Made A Mistake Or Not From The Tone Of Your Voice…


Nonverbal_ISUJan 12, 7:10pm via Mobile Web

Analytic interviewing by @VisualEmotionNJ & thoughts on nonverbal comm by NonverbalPHD


VisualEmotionNJJan 12, 10:11am via Web

In VE's Quarterly Newsletter - Synergology: A scientific method of deciphering gestures by


NonverbalPhDJan 11, 8:55pm via HootSuite

See @GreggKellyFox5 & his expression after being given grief for his shirt selection:


BodyliticsJan 11, 4:21pm via Web

BODY LANGUAGE PROFILE WORKSHEET - Help students develop characters in their…


CGomanJan 06, 12:29pm via Facebook

Podcast on body language and women in

HumintellJan 10, 6:06pm via TweetDeck

Hot spotting: 10 videos to practice your deception detection techniques


NonverbalPhDJan 10, 10:40am via HootSuite

There are two levels of gestures: denotation is the physical movement while connotation is the interpretation. #semiotics


NonverbalPhDJan 09, 10:34am via HootSuite

5 minute interview on Body Language Tips & Building Rapport from @nicoleadyer radio show:


navarrotellsJan 13, 10:32pm via Web

We hide our thumbs when stressed or lack confidence, when really stressed some may revert and suck their thumbs - ultimate pacifier


StuDunn1Jan 12, 2:45pm via Facebook

The three most common emotions found in the act of lying: fear, guilt and joy in the form of duping delight

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