Prisoners Dilemma simulation game for conflict resolution & negotiation teaching/training

Ore Wars: Prisoners Dilemma simulation game for small group teaching/training


Hi all -

In the past, I’ve shared my Pasta Wars simulation on this blog, which works best with groups of 12-28 participants. However, teachers and trainers sometimes find themselves working with much smaller groups – and most prisoners dilemma exercises just don’t deliver their full punch when played in very small groups.


The Ore Wars simulation is a two-team, iterated prisoners dilemma situation, designed to work with groups of 6-12 participants. It revolves around an interplanetary conflict set in a sci-fi setting, with enough of a Star Wars-y theme in the background for students to latch on to for motivational purposes – or ignore if they are not the type.

Feel free to download and use the simulation, which is available (complete with teacher’s guide) here.




Used Ore Wars, or Pasta Wars, and have a good classroom story to share? I always want to hear them. Write me at


Best - Noam

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