Considering my research area is based on primarily nonverbal communication and mediation, when I am presenting and offering workshops and trainings, it is not just words I rely on to try and help others understand the value and important role nonverbal communication has on our daily interactions.  This includes both our professional and social interactions.

Sketchnoting and infographics are two examples of how information can be shared and retained when you are at a workshop, public talk or even a meeting.  Sketchnoting and infographics display information differently and in contrast to solely rely on writing words.

Think about your role as a mediator or conflict specialist, and if you use drawings or graphics or even simply different colors to either make a point or raise the significance of something or to illustrate an issue.  Visual graphics can help you and others.

Consider how boring and how easy it is to lose focus while watching a PowerPoint presentation that is full of only words and bullet-points.  Now consider how much more appealing it becomes when different colors are added and use varying fonts along with graphics or pictures.

Now take that mindset and think about how boring your notes can be.  Instead of just taking notes during your next situation where you are required to, or your next presentation, try sketchnoting and using an infographic.

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