Training Opportunity for Real Estate Neutrals

With the encouragement of the National Association of Realtors, local Realtor associations are creating ombudsman programs. The Realtor ombuds assist agents and members of the public by answering questions and addressing ethical issues that frequently develop in the business. They work to resolve misunderstandings and disagreements through facilitation rather than adjudication. The goal is to save time and money for all of the participants by avoiding formal ethics complaints, arbitrations or lawsuits.

Realtor ombuds do not practice to standards developed by either of the primary ombuds professional associations, the US Ombudsman Association (for classical ombuds) or the International Association (for organizational ombuds). Instead, Realtor ombuds NAR policy which requires confidentiality, neutrality and informality.

Mediators and Realtors interested in learning more about the NAR ombudsman program may take a two-hour training offered at the next NAR conference in Anaheim, CA on November 13. Here's a description of the session, "How to Develop a Local Ombudsman Program":

Having a local ombudsman program provides an opportunity for disputing parties to resolve their disagreement without needing to file a formal ethics complaint or arbitration request. The ombudsman’s role is that of a communicator who works to identify the nature of the dispute to determine if discussions with the parties can resolve the matter-- saving time, money and effort on behalf of the parties and the association.
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This program will be facilitated by Diane Disbrow (NJ) and Wally Folks (TX) and will include:
* An explanation of the ombudsman concept
* A panel discussion about successful ombudsman programs from various areas
* An opportunity to answer questions about your own local ombudsman program
* Sample materials and resources
Both of the instructors are Realtors and mediators. (NAR Conf. Session Info.; Disbrow Bio; Folks Bio.)

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Comment by - Creighton NCR on October 10, 2011 at 4:49pm


is this a volunteer program or a paid position(s)?

Comment by Tom A. Kosakowski on July 17, 2013 at 12:38pm

I think it's a volunteer program staffed by local Realtors.


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