Unexpected Leadership Lessons: Effectiveness Through Humility & Common Ground

Yet another reason to be on Twitter (follow me @ADRhub and @mediatorjeff)- I came across a retweet by conflict coach Cinnie Noble (@CINERGYCoaching) who posted the following link below. It is from David Holzmer's (@DavidHolzmer) blog and it talks about leadership qualities. For those mediators who work 'beyond neutrality' and others who work in conflict resolution, the following could be of interest:

In “Four Lesson’s in Adaptive Leadership” Professor Michael Useem makes the case that the highly competitive and unpredictable environments encountered in many organizational settings present leadership challenges not unlike that found on the battlefield.

...4 principles of leadership that are applicable under almost any conditions:

Meet The Troops: Creating a personal link is crucial to leading people through challenging times.

Make Decisions: Making good and timely calls is the crux of responsibility in a leadership position.

Focus on Mission: Establish a common purpose, support those who help, and avoid eschew personal gain.

Convey Strategic Intent: Make objectives clear, but avoid micromanaging those who will execute on them.

Read the full blog postings HERE.


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