Playing to learn?

Noam Ebner- Simulation-games? Not as simple as you thought. If you teach mediation, negotiation or other related topics, you’re going to want to read this.

...We were surprised to discover that participation in simulation has not been proved to deliver the full package of goods teachers of negotiation have come to expect from them.

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Cinnie Noble- The metaphor of an iceberg has commonly been used as a metaphor about conflict. This is on the basis that there are things above the surface that show themselves and then, there is all that is going on underneath. Compared to conflict, some things are obvious to the disputants (and often others) that reflect the dynamic between them, the issues in dispute, and other aspects of the existing dissension. These are above the water ‘line’.

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"The Choreography of Resolution: Conflict, Movement and Neuroscience"

Patricia M Porter- Creativity, culture and collaboration are themes that run through Michelle LeBaron's work. She is an internationally renowned scholar/practitioner, currently serving as a professor of law and Director of Dispute Resolution at the University of British Columbia. Previously, she was a tenured professor of conflict analysis and resolution and women's studies at George Mason University in Virginia after practicing law and psychotherapy.

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