Environmental benefits of ODR

Noam Ebner- New article on environmental benefits of online dispute resolution – just published in Conflict Resolution Quarterly at [HERE].

Full text can be downloaded here: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1993192.  

Big thank you to co-author Coleen Getz!

Ride the waves: How participation in a Twitter chat can benefit you...

Ben Ziegler- If you are looking for an opportunity for “experiential” learning, may I boldly suggest you participate in a Twitter chat. 

Last week, I participated in the monthly ADRHub.com Twitter chat, along with a dozen other mediators and professionals (plus a few lurkers?) who practice non-adversarial approaches to conflict resolution. 

Here’s what I got out of it:

  1. had fun
  2. felt welcomed, part of a community
  3. gave answers to others questions
  4. got answers to my questions
  5. learned some things I didn’t know about my peers 
  6. benefited from serendipity; “I didn’t know that…”

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Arnold Zeman- One of the strong arguments that advocate the use of mediation is tied to the public policy issue of access to justice.  Simply stated, many cases on the court docket can be dealt with more efficiently in mediation, thereby freeing up the justice system to deal with other cases, and easing bottle-necks and backlogs in the administration of justice.  This has led many jurisdictions to adopt rules that make mediation mandatory before legal actions can proceed before judges.

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Why Should Conflict Specialists Treat Public Networks More Seriously?

Anat Cabili- Those of us who practice in the fields of Collaborative Governance and Public Participation know how challenging it can be to convince public leaders to convene stakeholders and citizens in order to collaboratively work through public issues. Indeed, in many communities’ collaborative processes are still the exception, not the rule. We therefore often find importance in educating public leaders and citizens about collaborative processes through talks and workshops. Our rational is simple: the more people who "get" these ideas, the more likely they will use these processes when appropriate.

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Jobs, Articles, & More!

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