The Hunger Games Dilemma

Bernie Mayer- I wanted to start with some thoughts about The Hunger Games.  This publishing and cinematographic event may not quite be the new Harry Potter or Lord of the Rings phenomenon, but it is still pretty huge, particularly among pre teen and teenage girls.  Almost despite my best intentions, I found myself swept up in this cultural epic, and so did Noam. 

Noam saw the movie, but has not read the book (his 15 year old daughter took him).  I have read the books, but have not seen the movie.  The reason I read is that my 13 year old step-daughter told me I had to read the first book before she took me to the movie (I am waiting), and once I read this one, I couldn’t stop until I read all three. 

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Cinnie Noble- Even when an interpersonal dispute appears to be resolved, there are times that some of us continue to feel unresolved in our hearts and mind. Why is that? There are lots of reasons this phenomenon occurs. These include lingering feelings of hurt, anger and other remaining negative emotions. Or, it could be the realization that we regret our unspoken words and sentiments. Or, we regret saying things we know we cannot take back now. A tendency to accommodate the other person’s needs more than our own and an inclination to yield to avoid further dissension may be other reasons for feelings and thoughts that linger. These are just some reasons that preclude us from reconciling differences.

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Journal of International Ombudsman Association Publishes Volume on ...

Tom A. Kosakowski- In its latest issue, the peer-reviewed journal of the International Ombudsman Association takes up one of the central ethical standards for Organizational Ombuds: Informality.  Journal Editor David Miller explains,

In my experience as an Organizational Ombudsman, Informality is the hardest [Standard of Practice] to grasp operationally, unless it is explicated as a contrast with related professions, or in terms of our non-engagement with formal processes. But, of course, there is so much more to Informality than that. And that is why this Volume of the JIOA focuses on it.

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