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Value of Mediation (With Infographics)

By: Sarah Bensman

What does all of that money being spent on lawyer-driven divorce buy?  It seems that there are a lot of horror stories about divorce out there; both the expense and the results.  The following chart lists the outcomes that clients commonly want from a divorce – speed, certainty, better relationships with kids...

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Engaging the Muslim World

Public Diplomacy after 9/11 in the Arab Middle East, Afghanistan, and Pakistan

...This report identifies six areas of primary concern. The first is a larger strategic issue; the other five are directed at the on-the-ground implementation of public diplomacy: (1) Define the goals; (2) Listen; (3) Measure success; (4) Reach the target audience; (5) Exchange people and ideas; (6) Get outside the bubble. There is no one path to success. Public diplomacy must be consistent, multifaceted, and localized to advance American goals in Muslim-majority countries. This report sketches a way forward to accomplish these goals.

How a short-term conflict resolution study abroad program can have ...

By Jeff PughThe Short-Term ‘Bridge Model’ Study Abroad Program: Peacebuilding in Latin America 

The conventional wisdom about conflict resolution international education assumes that students must choose between short term “island” study abroad programs that are accessible but have only superficial impact, and longer immersion programs, which gave greater impact but higher costs and barriers to participation.  This article argues that well-designed study abroad programs can combine the best of both models to achieve significant impact even in a short program.  It proposes a “bridge model” for reconceptualizing study abroad not as a discrete event with more or less impact on student learning, but as a key intervention that furthers a student’s overall development within an internationalized curriculum. The article examines the case of an international peacebuilding study abroad program in Ecuador.

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Warren Bennis, Mediators, and the RPM

By Karen Hollett- Warren Bennis, academic, consultant and author on leadership, once suggested that there are two ways to be creative. He said, "One can sing and dance. Or one can create an environment where singers and dancers flourish." I love that idea.
Mediators have been likened to many other roles, but I like to think of them as architects. While some are more reluctant than others to "leave the stage" - to continue the metaphor - great mediators know how to do just that.

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2014 ADRHub Webinar Series – Call for Proposals

We are currently accepting proposals for the monthly ADRHub webinar series. Presenting for one of these webinars provides a great opportunity to share your expertise and to spread your work across a large community of ADR practitioners, scholars and the public that is interested in alternative dispute resolution.

With over 2000 members, the ADRhub.com is a valuable web resource for all the alternative dispute resolution community. ADRhub.com is a portal where you may get all your ADR related news, events, and be able to stay in touch with others in the community.

ACR 2014 Conference Call For Proposals- Deadline is December 12th

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