What's Happening in Conflict Resolution [09.30.14]

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Getting great mediation training: Questions you should ask

ice cream flavors

Tammy Lenski- Some of the most common questions I’m asked by new mediators and would-be mediators is how to find good mediation training. Since mediation training comes in many flavors and from trainers with wildly varying skill, I’ve finally taken the time to share my four cents.

In my Candid Guide to Getting Great Mediation Training, I discuss the following questions and how they help you be an informed consumer.

Questions to ask yourself first

  • Why do I want mediation training
  • How will I use this mediation training?
  • Is it more important that I get easy training or useful training?

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Negotiation & ADR enter the MOOC Age

Noam Ebner- On October 20th I’ll be kicking off a four-week basic course on Negotiation: Navigating Professional and Personal Interactions

The unique thing about this basic course on negotiation is that it will be offered as a MOOC - a Massive Open Online Course. Got an internet connection, interest in the topic and a dash of motivation? You're in.

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This is not a dirty picture


Brad Heckman- So. I incorporate lots of my marker-on-flipchart paper drawings into our trainings. This is my rendition of a chameleon, which represents one of the classic responses to conflict:accommodation – going with the flow, not making waves, ceding to others’ needs, etc.

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28th Annual Conference of the IACM will take place from 28 June to ...

Benefits of International Family Mediation and Why Online Mediation...

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