What's Happening in Conflict Resolution 3/5/2018

What's Happening in Conflict Resolution is a roundup of the all the ADR news, research, jobs, events and more. Check it out, and view past versions [HERE].

New Negotiation, Conflict & Mediation Research

Two new articles by Bernie Mayer have recently been published:

Can We Talk: What Have We Learned About Having Productive Conflicts... has appeared the Family Court Review, based on a plenary speech Prof. Mayer gave last June at the annual conference of the Association of Family Conciliation Courts.  

Are We Ever Neutral? Should We Be? was published in a special issue on First Principles of Conflict Resolution in ACResolution, the magazine of the Association for Conflict Resolution  

Mental benefits of studying mediation:  

In Hidden in Plain View, Deborah Malizia and Jessica Katz Jameson suggest that studying and practicing mediation can improve the mediator's emotional wellbeing.

The Negotiator's Desk Reference: 

Publication of this new 2-volume book is a Very Big Event for negotiation (and conflict as well), given the span of topics it covers and how it brings these all up-to-date - in terms of state-of-the-research and -practice - to 2017. Check out the table of contents and ordering info here


Conflict Conversations 

#BlackLivesMatter, #MeToo, and More: Standing up for Justice at CU:

On March 1st, Creighton University convened its third Speaking Truths event, a panel chaired by Prof. Bernie Mayer of Creighton's Negotiation and Conflict Resolution program. The event explored what people at Creighton University can do and are doing on campus to surface and address issues of social justice, which takes awareness and courage. The panel included  participants from across campus: Dr. Erika Kirby, Jacobson Chair in Communication;
Fallon Watts, Chair of the Committee on the Status of Women; --Dr. Kevin Graham, Department of Philosophy;  and Oluseyi (Seyi) Olowolafe, President of the Black Law Students Association and NCR student. You can view the event below.

Difficult Conversations in the modern age of (anti-) social media:  How can we hold good conversations nowadays, when so many of the elements we consider to be required for good conversations seems to be falling apart? Prof. John Lande takes on this question, with particular focus on the effects of social media, on Indisputably.

In Rod We Trust: In this blog post on ADRHub, Noam Ebner suggests that our instinctive response to the use of a conflict resolution technique by Congress, and its real implications, might be very different.

Job Opportunities

Concord Center, in Omaha, NE, seeks an Executive Director. See details here. 

The Office of the Ombudsman for United Nations Funds and Programs is seeking an intern in New York. See details here. 

CDR Associates (www.mediate.org) is seeking a Program Associate. See details here.

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