What's Happening in Conflict Resolution - September 19th, 2017

What's Happening in Conflict Resolution is a roundup of the all the ADR news, research, jobs, events and more. Check it out, and view past versions [HERE].

Dialog: Conflict Intervention in a Divided Nation

In the polarized political and social environment characterizing the United States at this point in time, how can conflict specialists best contribute to constructive conflict engagement?

Over the past few weeks, ADRHub has been pleased to host this online dialog featuring two of the most experienced mediators in our field, Gail Bingham and Bernie Mayer, as they engage with other professionals, students, and faculty in the field. The conversation continues! Follow along, and feel welcome to join in

Teaching a conflict related course? Participating in this dialog, or discussing it in a paper, might make an excellent class assignment for your students. 

ADR Research

Negotiation, in-depth: In this new paper, David Matz and Adrian Borbely discuss the advantages of learning about negotiation from book-length descriptions of negotiation processes, as opposed to short stories or case-studies. 

What really works in mediation? Which mediator interventions have beneficial effects, and which do not? Check out the report of the ABA Dispute Resolution Section’s Task Force on Research on Mediation Techniques, available here

ADR Resources Spotlight 

Empirical research on ADR:  Check out this compilation of empirical studies in the fields of conflict, negotiation, ADR, and related areas, compiled by Jim Coben and Donna Steinstra. This compilation, which includes abstracts and citations, includes over 300 articles and has recently been updated.

ODR Bibliography: The ODR bibliography hosted on ADRHub has been updated with new resources. Check it out here.

Calls for Papers

Leading in Uncertainty: This new leadership book will focus on personal leadership accounts from people who have experienced both adversity and success while navigating the 21st Century leadership landscape. Edited by Jennifer Moss Breen, Jacqueline Font-Guzman Haytham Abduljiawad, the book aims to share the experiences of leaders who strive to collaborate, adapt, and integrate the global workforce. Some of the focal points included in the CfP are closely related to conflict and collaboration. Check out the CfP here

Conflict Resolution Quarterly: Check out CRQ's  recent call for papers, available here.


 Should HR Professionals Mediate Internal Workplace Disputes? 

View this webinar, by Creighton NCR special faculty John Ford, here.

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