Podcast Series Episode #14: Conflict Coaching With Cinnie Noble
Join host Jeff Thompson and internationally known conflict coach and trainer Cinnie Noble. They discuss conflict coaching, training, her upcoming book, tips for success and more. [More On The Series Here] [Visit The Blog] [Episode #14 Here]
Alex Yaroslavsky- Last month I had a commercial mediation that took an unexpected turn. It began as most of my mediations do - everyone gathered in a conference room, I framed the discussion with an opening statement. Then, each of the parties explained their view, aided by their counsel. I looped and summarized what I heard until all sides were nodding. Then I asked to meet with each side privately and begin the process of moving the parties toward the possibility of settlement...
Heartland Focus
Video With Bryan Hanson on conflict resolution and non-violence [here]
Video with Mary Lee Brock on neighborhood conflict and mediation [here]

Video: Divorce Mediation Explaination By Robin Graine [

Fairly Legal and ADR Publicity

Michael Seinberg- I've been watching the discussion on Fairly Legal with some interest and as a PR professional and ex-journalist, I can definitively say that this show will be good for ADR visibility.

The simple truth is, mediators should be rock stars in modern American society, but they aren't because nobody knows they exist. If nothing else, the character of Kate Reed, high heels and all, will bring the concept of a mediator and mediation into the public eye in a way almost nothing else can or has, so far.

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