Tom A. Kosakowski- IOA has announced its first-ever webinar series. The four-part 
program will focus on bullying in the workplace and builds on a recent edition of the Journal of IOA that focused on the topic of bullying. Expert speakers come from several disciplines and organizations, and each of the programs qualify for Certified Organizational Ombudsman Practitioner continuing education hours.

Webinar #1: Bullying for the Organizational Ombudsman
Webinar #2: Using Mediation and other Facilitated Processes to deal with Workplace Bullying and Harassment
Webinar #3: Bullying – You Know What The Problem Is, Now What Do You Do About It?...
The webinar is open to everyone and individual programs may be purchased.

Ernest Thiessen- More than 100 attendees at Cyberweek 2011 from Canada, China and the USA participated in a Smartsettle One competition in which they played either Buyer or Seller in a simulated negotiation of an item originally offered for $100. Most of the players qualified for scoring by successfully completing at least two negotiations each. Of 312 completed cases, 84% came to a negotiated agreement on their own. A few cases were arbitrated using Dampened Pendulum Arbitration, increasing the total settlement rate to 93%.

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Brad Heckman- I recently joined the board of trustees of the envisioned New York City Peace Museum, alongside amazing folks such as UN Ambassador Anwarul Chowdhury.  New York can be a tough town, but we know from peace.  We have to, what with literally living on top of each other, our insanely fast pace, and our beautiful cacophony of cultures and languages.  

When xenophobia and Muslim scapegoating gripped so much of the country in the wake of 9/11, New York City -- the target of the attacks -- remained a relative oasis of interfaith and intercultural tolerance.  The amazing mediators I am fortunate enough to work with at New York Peace Institute with help more than 10,000 people creatively resolve their disputes each year...I like to say we're the largest civilian peacekeeping force in NYC.

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Free Online Occupy Wall Street (OWS) Simulation

Put your students into the muddy shoes of an OWS member, or the polished wingtips of a Banker, or those President Obama, or any one of the other various players, and let them negotiate out a solution to the problems that the United States faces.

For more information on this, please visit our web site.


Government 2.0: Redefining Dispute Resolution and Civic Engagement

Robert E Wronski, Jr. - As deficits grow and tax revenues dwindle, governments are being forced to make difficult decisions on which services and functions are necessary, which are expendable, and which are superfluous. At the same time, citizens and businesses are demanding more access to information, easier forms of communication, and greater efficiencies in government’s role as intermediary to dispute resolution...

Join an esteemed panel of experts as they discuss innovative dispute resolution and civic engagement tools and technologies that governments have, are, and will be using to work with other governments, mediators, lawyers, and citizens.

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