This year's Cyberweek has recently conlcuded with numerous discussions taking place on many topics regarding ODR (Online Dispute Resolution).

Have a look at the all the topics [HERE].

The ODR Record: Discovery, Privacy and Privilege (36 replies)

Reputation, Justice & Fairness in Online Disputes (23 replies)

A look at Students' works in ODR (39 replies)

Using ODR Across Cultures: Best and Worst Practices (29 replies)


Here's a snippet of why we really enjoy Brad Heckman's Blog:

Brad Heckman- While we don't measure our success in terms of whether an agreement has been reached, we hope our clients leave feeling better than when they came in.  Not this time.  The session ended with more hostility, rancor, and name calling than it began with.  My colleague felt she had conducted an anti-mediation and had only fanned the flames...and not atypically, blamed herself for not being able to elicit a better understanding between the parties.

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Court Approves Settlement Creating Ombuds Program for Pfizer Employees

Tom Kosakowski- In December 2010, the world's largest pharmaceutical company agreed to settle a shareholder lawsuit arising out of allegation of the illegal marketing of at least 13 of Pfizer's most important drugs. In addition to governance changes in financial considerations, the proposed settlement also provides for, "the establishment of an Ombudsman Program as an alternative channel to address employee concerns about legal or regulatory issues."

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The ODR Forum 2012

The next forum will be held in Prague on 27-29 June 2012.

This meeting of the Forum is the 11th annual congress on online dispute resolution. The Prague venue will present the current wide picture of online dispute resolution globally and its best practices, from national and cross-border ODR systems in the most developed countries to mediation of disputes in the poorest or most violent parts of the world.

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Forgiveness: The Gift You Give Yourself

Listen LIVE Nov. 1st at 5:00 pm PST/ 7:00 pm CST/ 8:00 pm EST at BlogTalkRadio. Call in at: (347) 324-3591

Patricia M. Porter- Holding on to resentment is like hauling around a red-hot coal with the intention of one day throwing it back at the one who hurt you. The coal burns not only your hands, but also your hearts. The burden of blame and anger causes pain, heartache, and possible health problems for the person carrying them. Forgiveness is a powerful tool that can replace anger, blame, and discontent with hope, joy, peace, and contentment. Learn how to take the first step on the path toward forgiveness and emotional freedom.

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Random Book Pages & Learning Opportunities

Jeff Thompson- ...This brings me to my newest book, Conflict Management Coaching: The CINERGY Model by conflict expert and coach, Cinnie Noble.  The page I randomly opened to was 112 and the title states, “Clarify the Goals.”


While reading only this title, I thought to myself, “wow, this is great already.”  Before I even started reading, I began reflecting on how easy it is during my mediations, both the ones I do professionally and also the informal mediation and conflict communication engagement I do on behalf of the NYPD, that my goals and assumed goals of the parties and stakeholders can easily get in the way of me helping them.


Noam Ebner- In the spirit of Cyberweek, the annual conference on online negotiation and dispute resolution currently underway

I’ve posted a new book chapter I wrote on Negotiating via Email, which describes the major process and communication challenges this medium poses – and some of the ways in which email can be used in a very beneficial manner, allowing negotiators to overcome challenges often encountered face-to-face. Remember – no medium or venue is ‘bad’ – it’s a matter of fitting the forum to the fuss in the sense of choosing the right medium to best conduct the interaction through. Check it out...

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More News, Jobs & Events

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Govt ODR applications all over the world

Government 2.0: Redefining Dispute Resolution and Civic Engagement

Assistant/Associate/Full Clinical Professor and Director of the Med...



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